Women Over 50 Who Love Their Pets


If you recall, over a year ago, I wrote about Gus, my 10 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  We rescued him eight years ago, complete with a bullet underneath his belly.

Gus taking it easy

My post at that time was about how constipated he was and how putting him on prednisone turned him into the dog from hell.  Needless to say, it was a messy time for both of us.

Well, poor Gus is not only constipated again but it’s much worse: perianal fistulas.  When the vet gave me the diagnosis, I immediately went home to research it.  I already knew the condition was painful because poor Gus took forever to poop, and moan while doing it.  Besides the pain, there was the itching, and irritation of the skin surrounding the anus.  Worse still, the poor guy has the beginnings of small ulcers surrounding his anus (I’ll spare you the photos).  Since Gus can’t take prednisone, he has to take an immunosuppressive medication (cyclosporine) which costs almost $300 for a month’s supply, and that’s if I buy it in Canada.  The doctor doesn’t know how long he has to be on it, but Gus doesn’t care than it costs more than my car payment.  Oh, he’s also on an antibiotic, and Flagyl (prescribed for  anti-inflammatory bowel).  And don’t let me forget to mention, he’s also taking Tramadol for pain relief for the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) connecting the shin bone to the thigh bone.)

Gus at play
In the end, we’ll probably have to change his diet to an even more expensive one because studies have shown the benefits of feeding afflicted dogs a grain-free diet containing one single protein the dog has never eaten.  This reduces the possibility of triggering the immune system and preventing abscesses from healing.   Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance (Venison & Sweet Potato, Lamb & Rice, Sweet Potato & Fish) and Blue’s Buffalo Venison, Sweet Potato & Vegetables is another option.  Oh, I could also make his food, in which case, I could eat it, too, and keep it simple in the kitchen!
Good dog

Despite all that, Gus is still very athletic, eats like it’s his last meal, and scares anyone who comes to the door unannounced.  And most of all, he’s extremely affectionate and worth all my efforts.  Obama care for dogs?  That’s what I’m talking about!

7 thoughts on “Women Over 50 Who Love Their Pets

  1. Thanks Minda. All I can say is that our dogs have certainly given us so much pleasure and satisfaction and that no amount of money could ever buy that.

  2. Love the Gussie! He deserves it. When my Duke was hit by a car, my husband wanted to put him down. He was only a year old. Of course I completely ignored that! Duke spent a week in the doggie hospital, the first few days in an oxygen tent so his lungs would repair so he could have surgery for his leg that was crushed. The hospital staff was amazing. The doctor called me daily after rounds (what humans get that!). Allowed me to come in anytime I wanted and sit with him and bring him special treats. When he came home he spent 3 months in a crate and now 7 years later one would never know he has a 6 inch rod in his leg. He is so wonderful! We spent thousands on him and I don’t regret a penny of it. His companionship has paid off ten fold.

  3. Va and Diane,

    Thanks for your understanding. Sometimes I think about 2/3 of the world without healthcare, proper food let alone medication and I feel a little guilty.

  4. Poor Gus, hope he gets better. Let there be no mistake, our animals are family and give their love unconditionally (unlike family). I love dogs, but we only have cats now and it is no different–we will feed and doctor however we need to. Anyone need some frozen rice and chicken which was cooked for Nosey before he died?

  5. Funny, another friend and I were discussing a similar experience this morning. We will sacrifice just about anything for our dogs. You just have to make sure you have like-minded friends who understand your passion.

    I made dog food for awhile. The dogs loved it and, yes, with a little salt on top, I could have served it for dinner and gotten rave reviews.

  6. Nancy, So right about the rewards. If you’d like to write something about Emmy and include a photo, we’d be glad to post it. We are all animal lovers at this blog!

  7. Don’t know what happened to original comment, but it is nice to know that there are kindred spirits out there who would do anything for their family members. Everyday with my Emmy who is undergoing chemo for lymphoma, is a gift and it is not that the money doesn’t matter, it is that the rewards you get back from these sweet creatures(even on predisone) are priceless.

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