Women over 50: Ten Steps to Weight Maintenance




I’m writing this really as a reminder to myself.  These are things I’ve come to learn, in this year of trying to keep this weight off me.  I share them with our readers, in case it helps!

Ten Things to Help Me Keep Weight Off (or Lessons Learned the Hard Way):

1) Exercise every day, if only for 20-30 minutes.

2) Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you feel like eating something you shouldn’t.  If it actually hurts, it is having a physical effect on your brain—and changing the channel!

3) Try to eat dinner early—and brush your teeth right after eating.

4) Chew sugarless gum any time you get a hunger craving.

Do some Yoga!

5) When you are feeling sorry for yourself and think you “deserve” that chocolate sundae or that bag of Cheetos, pamper yourself some other way.  Take a nice, hot bath.  Read a book.  Listen to soothing music.  Go to a movie (but skip the popcorn).

6) Get rid of all the fattening food in your house. If it is there, it will tempt you.

7) Don’t sit in front of the television set at night with empty hands.  Knit!  Crochet!  Do something.  Otherwise, you might want to reach for popcorn—and then melted butter—and then chocolate—and then….

8) Write down what you eat each day—it makes you stay honest.

Weigh yourself a Lot!

9) Every now and then, reset your clock: go on liquid protein for a day, just to get yourself back on track.  Remember this is a day-to-day, lifelong process.  You don’t go on a diet, lose weight, and then you’re done.

10) Reward yourself for having a successful day, week, month—but, whenever possible, make that reward something other than food.  But, also, if you are craving something delicious and you find your mind obsessing on that one thing, go ahead and have a bite of it.  Do what it takes to get the broken record to stop playing.  Then, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again!

8 thoughts on “Women over 50: Ten Steps to Weight Maintenance

  1. Thank you to all of you!! You are so encouraging and supportive. I want to let you all know that “you are the wind beneath my wings” even though it sounds way too too corny!!! Jane

  2. Thanks, Jane! These are great common sense tips. And thank you for your honesty and inspiration.

  3. Go, Jane! I’m going to try the teeth-brushing trick. You are SO beautiful, Ms. Hatley.

  4. Jane,
    You’ve done so well. 88 lbs. !!! Amazing!
    I have struggled w/my weight my entire life..even when I’m at my desired weight it’s a struggle and I don’t have the answer.
    All your suggestions are right on they are how I live my life.
    Thanks for your sharing.

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