Wise Women, Drumming, and President Obama

Annice and founder, Corinna
The 7th annual SE Women’s Herbal Conference

What a great week-end I had at the 7th annual Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference in Asheville, NC.  This year, was the biggest conference ever, almost 900 women gathered to learn, connect, and deepen into the Wise Woman Tradition earth-based healing, local plants, & deep nourishment.  Those of you who know me, know I’m not an herbalist but I tend to use herbs and natural products as my first line of defense when I feel something coming on.  This conference brought together such an amazing group of healers, and not only did I get to attend this year, but the organizers invited me to monitor the Embodiment track.  There were 8 incredible classes ranging from Shadow Work; Making Peace with your Body; Our Predatory Nature; and the Power of the Drum.  Let me just say that listening (and dancing) to over 100 women learning to drum was phenomenal, and these women practically brought the tent down.

What I loved most about the class was the teacher, Kristen Arant, who runs a non-profit in Washington, D. C. called the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project which helps promote self-esteem in young women.  Now why didn’t anything like that exist when I was growing up?

President Obama visits Asheville

So, after an inspiring week-end, I was given a ticket to attend Obama’s kick-off speech in Asheville to promote his “Jobs Act” bus tour. What amazed me was that after living in D.C. for 20 years, I could still get excited about seeing the President and shaking his hand.  I know North Carolina is a battleground state, but hey, he won it before, and it ain’t over till it’s over.

5 thoughts on “Wise Women, Drumming, and President Obama

  1. @Marjorie, yes we have Occupy Wall Street in Asheville – thank goodness.

    @Sal, so right about our Pres. Is he perfect? No – but he sure beats the others.

  2. President Obama – wow. He was here in Vegas yesterday and still will get my vote. When the other party was here for their debate, they just talk trash – no real info on how to deal with the countries unemployment, housing, etc. So I think we should all start a march to Washington, D.C. and not let any of the House/Senators out of the buildings until they listen to We the People, not the rich.

  3. Annice, when I read that Obama was going to Ashville, I wondered if you would get to see him. Well, my questions has been answered!
    I have been in “disappoint” mode with him, but he’s still the President and that must have been quite exciting.
    Do they have “occupy Wallstreet” in Ashville yet? One is coming to little Petaluma.
    I am so proud of people for attending these.

  4. Wow Annice, talk about a full last week or so! The women’s conference sounded like it was really special. And how was it to shake President Obama’s hand? You know, even though you are a fellow writer on this blog, reading your posts is like getting a letter in the post…thanks for sharing yourself with us.

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