Winnie: My Famous Canine Niece

I need to give a plug to my very famous canine niece, Winnie, who belongs to my sister-in-law, Ellen, and her husband, Bill.  Winnie was recently the featured dog in an article on the website Ohmidog! because of her amazing ability to open and shut the front door in her house.  You have to check out the article called “Old Dogs New Tricks Good Times” at  Here’s a picture of Winnie from the article, just to whet your appetite.   Turns out Ellen taught her the trick, using dog treats!  I wish that were possible with our delinquent (but lovable) dog, Tater.

One thought on “Winnie: My Famous Canine Niece

  1. I love dog stories. Winnie (and Tater) sound like wonderful, sweet dogs and aren’t most of them unless they have been taught by some evil human to be mean.

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