Will the People Who Took My Country, Please Return it?

I haven’t been on here in a while, but I’m feeling the need to vent, so here goes!   Jane

I have lost my country.  It happened without my knowing it, maybe while I was sleeping.   I didn’t ever imagine it could happen.  But it’s gone.

The country I’m talking about is the United States of my youth.  It seems to me that once there was a country that tried to live by a moral code, seemed to try to treat people decently, cared something about human rights.  That country inspired me in my childhood, when the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed, and I got a glimpse of it it again more recently, when we elected Obama.Image result for signing of the civil rights act

Image result for images of Obama being elected

I know it’s never been fully here, at least not the country I imagine in my head.  In my fantasy country, the Statue of Liberty welcomes all immigrants, we openly acknowledge that the foundation of our economy was slavery and we try to make reparations for it, our system offers equal opportunity to everyone to build wealth, every student has access to a free college education, and every person can get quality health care.  I know that country has never existed, but I used to feel comforted by the fact that there were a lot of people out there in positions of power and leadership holding that vision of a country in their heads and working hard every day to try to make it a reality.

I’m not so sure any more.

I’ve been feeling lately like it must have been kidnapped by hooligans.

How else can we explain the new rise in white supremacy groups?

Or our lack of any sensible gun laws?

Or Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court?

Or cuts in funding for Medicaid?

Or a rapist and liar in the White House?

Or, worst of all, those camps full of children on our southern border?

Image result for images of child detention camps

It makes me so sad that I have to turn off the radio and stop listening to the news.  It makes me want to move to a country that has a heart and a head, like Canada or New Zealand.

The fallout from this kidnapping of my country is so much damage to so many people that I don’t see how things will ever turnaround.  The ransom note we will have to pay is too high. So much trauma inflicted on those children.  So much harm to our governmental institutions by a president and his bully boys and girls who could care less about our system of government and just want to make a profit, tell lies, strut their stuff, look tough. So many nuclear bombs being manufactured in Iran.

All I want is to be able to hold my head high again and say proudly, “I’m American,” instead of cringing at the site of the flag waving.  I want a country that isn’t perfect but at least tries to treat people fairly, that doesn’t only reward the rich, that fights to hold down its racist tendencies, that doesn’t cavort with dictators, that joins with other countries to work to prevent climate collapse.

I want America back!

So, I’m begging you:  please, someone out there, find my country and bring it home!

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