Will Good Customer Service Ever Come Back?


The past ten days have been a nightmare – at least electronically and mechanically.  It wasn’t bad enough I switched from AT&T to Verizon, but Mercury had to be in retrograde.  If I had known where Mercury was roaming, I never would have attempted such a switch.  Before entering Verizon Hell (I mean store) I prepared a checklist of concerns to discuss with the sales person so my switch would be seamless.  Those issues were:

Can I keep my email address?
Will I lose my contact list?
Will it be cheaper?
Will your miraculous jet pack (hot spot device) work throughout the entire house?
Does it work just like the AT&T modem and router?
What about my Apple id account?

At first, when the sales guy didn’t know the answer, he called his boss over who confirmed everything the sales guy said.  So, after about two hours and two new iPhones, (I was still using the original one) we took the bait and switched.  Now, I won’t bore you with details but every one of my concerns came to pass – in the negative.  By the way, this is on their website:  My Verizon At Your Service.

First thing to come to pass was losing my E-mail address and there was no way to get it back from AT&T since my sales guy disconnected my account before migrating the address to Verizon.  However, if I were a child molester with a record, some geek in the company would know how to get it back as would any entry level geek at the FBI.  And, the jet pack only works on computers within a 30 ft. radius so we had to purchase a “fusion tower” and a wifi device for my husband’s pc downstairs.  Every time we complained about a problem,  “Ka Ching”, we needed another device to fix it – for only $69, and so forth.  Of course, we only found all this out after talking to Tech Support at home and running back and forth to the Verizon store four times resulting in my having to take time off from work.

The real issue here is that all the people in the store are sales people and believe me, they’ve got that down well.

It's all about the Sale

Verizon, like AT&T and other corporations, just don’t train their staff enough.  The technology is pretty sophisticated and as a consumer, I’m totally at their mercy.  The focus is all about the sale and not the customer’s needs.  Since I was already in Verizon Hell, I decided to raise some of my own, and got a huge credit.

But, like I said to the manager – Why would anyone switch if there was no benefit?  And why would a customer choose to go to hell and back?  I said that very loudly in front of other customers and felt very good about it.




5 thoughts on “Will Good Customer Service Ever Come Back?

  1. Here is my very own Verizon (hell). Called the company and was told my phones were too old and we needed new ones. OK but I only want phones for calls – nothing else. Also just wanted phones we can see and hear louder as we are a bit older. Got new phones in mail-very small phones. Called Verizon – take back to their store near us. At store they don’t take these phones back we have to mail them. Came home and call Verizon and told to take back to see ????? at store. Went back to store and was told OK but a RESTOCKING fee of $35.00 each. WOW I said to her that is like you buying a dress and it has a restocking fee. No comment. Came home, called Verizon and they said they will deduct RESTOCKING fee. That took them 3 months of billing. We are still using those OLD phones and update them every month in case “Verizon put up new towers”. We don’t live in a small town – it is Las Vegas, NV. Oh how I long for the old days when I worked for Ohio Bell Telephone Co and we never heard of Cell Phones!

  2. A friend just gave me a little pocket “Mercury Retrograde 2013” calender, and guess what?
    Mercury is retro until March 17th.
    Maybe pretend like it’s not happening until then?
    Good luck!

  3. I’ve been with Verizon ever since I got my first cell phone. I’m not saying they are fabulous, because I know no other hell. I can only say that you have marvels of misery still to discover. Do they have your cable service? I don’t have cable now, but I did. Oh, wait. Then there are about six different passwords necessary for all the nooks and crannies of accounting with them. Plus, as discovered today, the phone hangs up on me three times! ;} But you are always worth the wait. I hope it gets better for you. I really do!

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