Why I Hate Trying to Lose Weight

Well, I’ve gained some of my weight back, and it’s really depressing.  It didn’t happen suddenly–just gradually, over time, as soon as the stress in my life rose to a fever pitch.  So, I’m back trying to get these pounds off, since I’m determined never to go back to where I was before!

But here’s what I hate about trying to lose weight:

1) It is boring to eat salad after salad after salad, day after day after day.

2) I don’t like feeling like I’m constantly waging a battle with myself.  On the one hand, there is my logical self that says, “You can do this!  You did it before.  It’s no big deal.  Just move away from that chocolate ice cream and see the results in the morning.”  On the other, there is my shoot-myself-in-the-foot, independent self that says, “Life is too short not to eat chocolate.  To hell with  Weight Watchers!  To hell with all those so-called experts.  You want to enjoy life!  Go on!  Eat it!”  It’s wearing to be in a constant state of unrest.  It makes me wish I were one of those skinny people who have either never had a weight problem and can eat whatever they feel like–or who simply have the ability to walk past, say, a piece of pecan pie sitting on the dining room table and keep going–people who are not constantly beckoned by food the way I am.

3) I hate exercise.  There, I’ve said it out loud.  I would almost rather go to the dentist than go to the gym and walk on a treadmill or do the elliptical.  Even when I add music or a good People magazine to the mix, it’s not enough to make it fun.  The only fun I’ve ever had exercising in my life has been when I didn’t think of it as exercising, such as when I was on the volleyball team in high school.

4) I hate the fact that here I am, at 59, still trying to lose 20 pounds.  Will I be doing this at 70?  At 80?

5) I hate how trying to lose weight makes me feel out of control with my life.

6) It’s so easy to put weight on and so hard to get it off!

This is clearly just a rant, so I’ll quit!  I’d love any thoughts from any of our readers on this horrible subject.


7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Trying to Lose Weight

  1. Jane:
    Me too…just catching up on your blog.

    I’ve been doing WW for a couple of weeks now. The key is I think (but I’m hardly an expert as I lost 6 pounds then gained back 3)to never give up. I cheat, I track, I try again tomorrow. Eat the pie! Just track it. Then eat fruit and veggies. I hate exercise too. I simply won’t do it at a gym….done that – hate hate hate it! I use my stationary bike and watch Netflix. I did 30 minutes a day (at 2 15-minute sessions)watching House of Cards. Now I have to find another series I like. I also count housework…when I do it. I work up a sweat vacuuming. I keep trying to believe my weight is age-appropriate; this is where the young person in me starts bringing me down! Don’t diet girl…change your thinking. It’s the net difference…not the day-to-day changes that bring good health. Have you tried gluten-free?

  2. Hi Jane,
    Just catching up on your blog. For starters, I rarely see you and have not seen you since you lost weight. BUT I have always thought you are a very pretty woman with a great personality. I really think that. Second, I don’t think exercise should be torture. I think moving around outside is what we are meant to do–so love the sunshine and rain a little each day and forget the gym….walk or garden or bicycle and enjoy….(We will be shoveling snow this weekend, which hardly counts as fun outside!)I have lots of friends who love yoga, too.

  3. Thanks, folks! I appreciate the support. I’ve with you, Lindsey–I love that feature of Weight Watchers–and I just discovered their mobile app! It’s great for tracking.
    Kathy, let’s walk!
    And Va, thanks for the support.
    Nance, I’m ignoring your comment about Tater–long-suffering dog!

  4. I know you know this but everybody in the house has got to get on board and not bring the temptations in the house period. As for exercising, Tater would love a power walk everyday.

  5. Right there with ya! In my latest battle with the bulge, two things have been most effective:
    1. Weight Watchers allowing fruit without counting points. I can pig out on fruit. And it has the added bonus of being sweet.
    2. The thought of gyms and exercise equipment makes me nauseous. The only exercise I even attempt is walking around the neighborhood. In an hour I can cover 4 miles and get in some good conversation. Helps me sleep better too.
    Good Luck Cousin!

  6. Jane–Boy, can I empathize–me too. I’m in the same spot as you–rats. One thing that helps me move (ever so slowly) in the direction I want to, is to focus on what things and how much of each I can choose from then look forward to what those choices are. If you have some things to share that help you I’d like to hear ’em–eva lil’ bit heps.

  7. Okay, Jane, I think it’s a sign. I got the notification that this blog post was up as I was online looking up exercise classes. Call and tell me what you where you want to meet and when!

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