Annice’s Angle: Web MD

Let’s see what women over 50 think about the latest report coming out of Japan that says ordinary household vinegar can help fight fat genes – and that’s not spelled J-E-A-N-S.  Now I’ve always trusted Web MD, so why am I not convinced about this?  Well, for one reason, have you ever seen a fat Japanese woman, to begin with?  Do you think my problem is that I use goat cheese with my vinagrette?  I do use a little water cress salad mixed with it.   Read the article  yourself  and let us know what you think:  fat genes

2 thoughts on “Annice’s Angle: Web MD

  1. Vinegar is a magic potion, to be sure, as mysterious in its way as aspirin. I’ll wait for th fine print–e.g., how many gallons a day would I have to drink to turn on those hibernating genes?

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