Want to Know the Latest Scoop on Bras?


Read The Wall Street Journal.  I’m not kidding.  I found the most fascinating article on bras there.  Don’t know how many of you beautiful women over 50 read the WSJ, but I get it daily, and Christina Binkley’s May 13th article, “Bra Building: New Engineering for Bigger Curves”  is a gem.  Why would the WSJ feature almost a whole page on bras?  Well, bras are big business–and getting bigger.  It seems that bra sizes have gone up in the last decade, and D or DD sizes are not uncommon.  In fact, manufacturers have been cranking up cup sizes to KK.   

The article says baby boomers need a lift to support their sagging breasts–thus the need for the “engineered” bra.  But I, for one, have been observing the young girls with bovine breasts who feel the need to bare beaucoup cleavage instead of hooking up a little more engineering than their mothers or grandmothers.  I’m convinced it’s all the hormones in their burgers and chicken nuggets, not to mention the milk they drink that’s injected with rBGH to speed up production.  

But never mind them, it’s all about me, and I’ve been looking for that perfect bra where the underwire doesn’t gouge my chest after two hours and doesn’t cost a week’s earnings.  And bras aren’t cheap.  It seems a good bra can cost up to $100.  And why is that, you might ask?  Because, what do you know, good bras have over 24 working parts, and all that engineering costs money!  So if you have good information on a great bra at a great price, please come forward and share that information with us women over 50. 

In the meantime, visit the WSJ video, where the journalist interviews a bra maker and seller – there’s a 12-second ad you’ll have to sit through first, but it’s worth it.   And here’s the link for the article:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703339304575240382280390218.html

8 thoughts on “Want to Know the Latest Scoop on Bras?

  1. Why isn’t there such a thing as the Pampered Breast similar to the Pampered Chef where everybody submits their size ahead of time and arrives to have a whole selection to try on in the relaxing atmosphere of someone’s home, preferably with wine involved. I always feel like there’s a peephole in those dressing rooms.

  2. I am still in search of the perfect bra and will let you know when I find it. Growing up in Cleveland, we had a corset shop called Solomon’s and they must have fitted every Jewish girl and woman in town for generations. I haven’t had a good fit since.

  3. Annice, I really enjoyed the article you wrote. It really is fascinating to read about the history of bras! I am a 42DD and am always looking for a comfortable, supportive bra. Having grown up in a period of time where things have to comfortable, it is really hard to get used to all the “engineered support” that is needed to look good. I have found one that is ok, and is not too expensive. It’s one form Grenier and it says “Made in Canada” on the back.
    I will look it up. What is your favorite that you have found?

  4. Hi Marcia,
    I went for a fitting over at the Dillard’s in Westgate. This was several years ago. And while I thought the woman in the white jacket was a little off, I must say, that bra that she recommended really supported my 42DD.
    Good luck and keep posted, cuz the gals at oops50.com will try to help you in your search.

  5. I am 67 years old & have never had a perfect fitting bra that I can remember…I have been wearing one since I am 11.5 years old. I too am a D to DD size..So, if anyone lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area please help !!

    By the way Annice, I learned more from this short video regarding fit than I ever knew before… Sooo sad isn’t it ???


  6. I totally agree that all of the hormones and additives in meat, milk, eggs, etc. is playing havoc with breast sizes (not to mention brain tumors, breast cancer, etc.) You can get larger size bras that are utilitarian, ugly and thoroughly sexless. I have seen beautiful bras (Waacoal for example) that cost a fortune but are great looking. Glad to see that companies are realizing that over 50’s want to feel and look good too! Personally, I go to “Ross Dress for Less” and you’d be surprised what you can find there in larger sizes!

    What I don’t understand is the Playboy Bunny look! What is that about?

  7. I was a DD at 15, then had a reduction to a C. Over the years I’ve graduated back to a D. Had I been with Oprah during her bra tent on the tube I’d probably be classified as bigger but I didn’t want to know… I’ve been bad about bras… I often get them because they are on sale and cheap, then wonder why I never want to wear them… Or I find two or three that really fit fine and have a whole drawer full of those I hope I never have to put on again. I think I’ll watch your video Ms. AB… Thanks for the link… I don’t get the WSJ so I would have had no idea had you not shared. xo

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