To Shop or Not to Shop On-line: What do you do?


To Shop or Not to Shop On-line – That is the Question? I am not an on-line shopper – at all.  However, after spending an evening with several female friends (they know who they are) I’m wondering if I should be.  Over dinner, they listed all the advantages:  time saved; never running out of things; catching some great deals; and of course they never pay shipping.  So there I sat eating my Salad Niçoise at the Laughing Seed with two nicoisewomen I admire and respect trying hard to figure out what’s up with me that I don’t shop on-line.  Weeks rolled by, and I forgot all about that conversation until I grabbed my must-have Deva (curly) hair product only to realize I couldn’t squeeze out one more drop, and I did not have another one stashed away in my closet.  I’d have to live with a bad hair day for sure.  Digging deeper into this 21st century  phenomenon, I started thinking about my big aversion to shopping on-line is and why I find it all so overwhelming.


For starters, I’m on the computer much of my day at work, and then again in my spare time at home working on my book whenever I can, so getting back on the computer to shop doesn’t excite me.  It’s not that I’ve never shopped on-line.  I admit to buying presents at holiday time for out of town family and friends because I hate packing up presents not to mention the waiting in line at the post office during Christmas time. Another reason I hate shopping on-line is all the popcorn, bubble wrap, shredded paper and boxes I have to deal with from my husband who does shop on-line. The packaging spills all over the kitchen and then it piles up in the garage where I then have to nag my husband to break it all down and schlep it to the recycling bins across town.  All that packaging can’t be good for the environment and then what about the carbon footprint?  Besides, I still like to touch things and try things on and neither my feet nor my body always fit into the same size.  And returns?  I really hate that too, re-wrapping and taking it to the post office.

Last Saturday, I was out doing errands – a lot of errands.  I think I spent close to 4 hours driving all over town to Trader Joe’s, Pet Smart, the dry cleaners, and worst of all to the Mall to get the Deva product I had run out of, and then finally to the kitchen store to get the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer Cutter (millions sold in Europe) and I got to thinking veggie cutterabout my two smart friends who said they save SOOOOOOOOOOO much time, and what about the price of gas? It’s a dilemma for me.  So, what do YOU do?  Any advice?

6 thoughts on “To Shop or Not to Shop On-line: What do you do?

  1. I live in a tiny village with limited shopping options. The nearest shopping mall is 40 miles away. I do a lot of online shopping, and it has been a time saver. I find a lot of deals online as well and often the shipping is free. It is easier to compare prices on similar items without having to go from store to store.

  2. Annice, Go for it. Here’s why: You can get MANY things you can’t buy locally without getting out there on the street. Here’s my latest example: I wanted to clean up a metal surface, but my metal polish on hand seemed risky. Then I remembered that my dad used to use Glass Wax to shine up chrome on our cars when I was a kid. I went online and presto, I had it ordered within 10 minutes – with free shipping. I don’t worry about the packing materials so much because every product we use is shipped at some point, and usually the packing on my orders is much more eco-friendly than the plastic encasement “clam shells” that are so hard to get into…and cardboard is easily recycled in my area. Now, I’m dreaming about shining up all by bathroom fixtures and windows as well.

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  4. Minda, I think I will give it a try. I want to experience how much time I really save and what I do with it.

  5. I’m an advocate for on line shopping b/c I live where there is anything & everything you could ask for but on the road, parking lot, dressing room, and check out with thousands of people takes the fun out of the process. Click, click, click, knock, knock…hello, you pretty new clothes, shoes, fill in the blank! The only way to shop!!! Good luck!

  6. Do it. Plus you don’t have to buy everything online. I love the convienance and variety available. I have bought .makeup, some clothes, shoes,books,presents for people and medications. It’s the best

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