The Zen of Pontoon Boating


Every August for the last four years, a group of us (women over 50) spend the day on one of the most beautiful lakes in this country.


Hope you don’t mind if I don’t share the name of that beautiful pristine lake in Tennessee, but we just don’t want all the tourists coming with their loud motor boats, radios, etc.  Even though we only spend one day on the lake, it becomes an event for us gals.  There is a core of us who embark on this journey every year, but sometimes friends drop out (usually because of family commitments) so others join in.  It’s always a surprise, and it always works out.

Why is this day so special for us women over 50?   It’s simple.  It gives us one day where we can leave behind all the demands of our families – kids, aging parents, husbands, partners, meals, laundry, and on and on.


For one full day, our fearless captain Gwen, steers our Pontoon Boat so we can  just “be.” For some of us, it’s an escape from the everyday hassles of computers and technology that


sometimes overwhelm our modern and crazy life.  It allows us to bathe our bodies in the cool freshwater of the lake and feel the chill on our skin when we get out.  It allows us to anticipate the taste of a slice of juicy cold watermelon after a piece of tangy barbecued chicken.  It’s a time to visit with each other without interruptions, and it’s a time to say good-by to summer and agree to plan two visits to the lake next year even though we all know it won’t happen.  It just is.


3 thoughts on “The Zen of Pontoon Boating

  1. Oh, Annice, Jean and I have wonderful stories from the deck of a pontoon–I love them. When we lived on Lake Lanier in Ga we would ride on the lake a little but then turn north to go up the Chattahoochee and see all kinds of wild life and plants. They are just perfect for relaxation and friendship.

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