The Year of Sick Friends


What a year – so many friends and family with serious health problems, starting with my husband’s fall last February, the loss of my Dad, and then both my dogs.  There has been no reprieve.  I am shocked about all the friends that have had serious to critical health problems accompanied by extended stays in the hospital as well as long recuperation’s at home.  If I made a list of all the sick people (and animals) I’ve known this year, it would add up to more than a dozen, and that’s way too much in one year.

Just a few weeks ago, I made a huge pot of matzo ball soup and delivered it to four sick friends.

Matzo Ball Soup

It’s depressing and stressful worrying about them.

So, I created a way to cope with the year of sick friends.  I built an imaginary wishing well in my heart and when I’m about to do a yoga practice, (whether in class at One Center Yoga or in my home), I dedicate my practice to all those who need well wishes.  I sit in Sukasana and take five long breaths and say their names in my head and breathe them out and down my wishing well.


Today, another friend just told me about her Mother who suffered a major heart attack after falling and breaking her hip and knee.  Tonight, I will add her to my ever growing list of well wishes.  I hope it helps because I don’t know what else to do.  Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt, right?

3 thoughts on “The Year of Sick Friends

  1. Reading your post was almost like getting some of your homemade Matzo Ball soup Annice. Like a hug, comforting. We’re all here to help each other.

  2. Danka dear… I like thinking of you sharing your chill and yogic flush with those of us who are dealing with difficult journeys. I know what you mean… I just found out a friend broke her back, another friend died while laughing at breakfast, and the list goes on and on. No one want to make anyone else dreary with so much lumpy, soggy, sinewy and just plain old sad emotion on the plate. But each day there is a new plate of it. Hopefully, it makes us appreciate all that is working well and feeling good, not to mention the miracles of healing that do take place all around us. Love u

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