The Best Hip and Joint Tablets for Dogs (and Cats)!

Bello and Me at the Ocean
Bello and Me at the Ocean

I didn’t want kids and I certainly didn’t want a puppy.  And while the kids never came, Bello did.

Sakshi felt strongly that we needed a dog when we bought our fixxer-upper back in 2002.  I don’t remember having any big discussion about it; I just said that I was busy with real estate and he would be busy fixing up the house for years with no time for a pet.

So when he called from the chestnut stand a week later saying that he found our dog, I wasn’t very happy.

Even when “our new puppy” lay sleeping next to me on the couch (with Sakshi placing him next to my back when I was sound asleep so that we could “bond”) I just couldn’t get really excited because all I could think about was how much work it would be to house train it, take it for walks every day, and make sure it was fed with fresh water twice a day.

After 11 years, it turns out that Bello is almost human, has a very big heart, has never once had an “accident” in the house, and lets me sleep in without making me get up to take him out.

He’s also been a blessing in that we both love to go on walks with him which makes me get some exercise, and you know they say that after 50 it is important!

Puppy Bello
Puppy Bello

We were both really sad this past spring when Bello hurt his back right knee so badly that the vet told us he would probably have to have surgery, and even then, it might not help.  Plus with the other leg compensating for the injured one, it was likely to be damaged too within a short period of time.  I cried and cried, but not in front of Bello, who also seemed so sad.

I was seriously thinking about having him put down, since I couldn’t bear knowing he would be in pain and not be able to walk.  Sakshi thought I was a monster with no heart, and said we could have that back leg amputated, which made me think he had lost his mind!

Since there were so many brands and types of hip and joint products in the pet stores, trying to find “the one that worked” was way too overwhelming, so we tried several that friends said were nothing short of a miracle for their dogs, but, Bello never got better.

Bello's First Experience of Snow
Bello’s First Experience of Snow

Then a friend, Adeha, told me about something that she said I should get before I put Bello down, and told me the story of how the company, EHP,  is small and still family-owned.

I thought this would be my last shot at trying to find something that worked, so I ordered the EHP tablets for dogs online (they have formulas for cats and for people, too).  They were cheaper than the ones that I had bought that didn’t work.

Within a week after taking the EHP tablets, Bello seemed to be completely back to normal.

So I’m sharing what I believe has saved him from a life of limping and pain.  He acts like he used to before, which is great because we would like to have a few more years together.

Here is the link, just click on it:

Happy Trails!


Bello Now: 11 years young!

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8 thoughts on “The Best Hip and Joint Tablets for Dogs (and Cats)!

  1. @Janet: Bello takes 3 tabs per day, but we divide that dose in a morning and an evening one. And give one of his favorite teeny weeny blueberry treats in between each half. It really helps.

  2. Sweet pics of Bello as a pup & now!! Thanks for sharing–how many pills per day of the supplement–will try it. Thanks, again!!

  3. Oh, I remember Bello when he was a puppy and then a feisty teenager…sheesh…we have a female chow-chow whose about like Bello except with the blue tongue and golden fur ball. Balu, who is 5 months old, definitely wants to do her own thing and doesn’t do much listening unless there’s food involved…sound familiar??? Ooh, also jumps in the river at every chance to cool off like our friend Bello..Good watch dog, though….fierce actually…We need the property dog here to ward off the casual thief’s..besitos to you and Sakshi…Ramapada

  4. Sadhvi–So glad Bello is here for longer!!! Also, so glad to know about the healing meds that work!! I have many friends with dogs who have or will have hip/joint problems and will share this link with them.

  5. Sadhvi,

    Thanks for this. I’ll pass it along – looks like wonderful product and company.


  6. Oh Bello is quite possible the most handsome dog I have ever seen! So glad you get to have him around a lot longer….maybe it’s time for me to get a dog: I need a walking partner!

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