The Art of Receiving


Barbara Brady

How many of you are comfortable giving to others, but not so at ease when it comes to receiving or asking for help yourself? 

You’re not alone.  Especially if you’re a woman!  We’re taught from an early age that it’s our job to make sure everyone else is taken care of, even at our expense.  Sayings like “It’s better to give than to receive” don’t help.



The truth is, if you’re blocking either giving or receiving, you’re blocking the natural flow of the universe. Giving is active, masculine energy, and receiving is passive, feminine energy.  Both are needed to be whole.

There’s also nothing “noble” about refusing help, gifts, or compliments. When you allow yourself to graciously receive, you’re giving a gift to the giver.  Think of how good it feels to give to another.  If you don’t allow others to do the same for you, you’re depriving them of those same good feelings.


One way to become a better receiver is to change the thoughts that don’t support you in receiving to supportive (and believable) beliefs.  “It’s better to give than to receive” becomes “It’s best to give and receive to keep the divine flow of life moving through me”;  “I don’t want to bother anyone by asking for what I need” becomes “If I ask for what I need, I give someone the gift of giving, which feels good”; and “I don’t deserve this compliment, money, etc.” becomes “I am worthy and graciously accept this compliment, money, etc.”

Barbara Brady

Life Transitions Coach


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  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing informaton on your books – congratulations! I found “The Power of Receiving” on Amazon and it has great reviews – I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for letting me know. When is your other book coming out?

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I love your post! It came up in my Google Alerts. I am the author of “The Power of Receiving” and the forthcoming “Born To Receive” both published by Penguin. I thought you might be interested in reading them.
    All the best to you,

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