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On Hearing Christine Blasey Ford Speak the Whole Truth

Jane and Anita
Jane and Anita

So, it has taken me a while to come back to the blog, but sometimes life just compels you to rant. When I met the amazing and powerful Anita Hill a few years ago after her visit to Asheville sponsored by  “Our Voice” (www.ourvoicenc.org), the wonderful local organization that “serves all individuals in Buncombe County affected by sexual assault and abuse,”  I had a feeling that I could relax a little because things were getting better, that we were actually learning from the past and moving into a brighter future for women in this country

I no longer feel that way.  Especially not this week.  All I feel is sad and angry and frustrated and overwhelmed by the power of persistent white male privilege.  So, forgive me for ranting, but  here is my take on things.  And I really don’t care if it is a poem or not.  I just care that it says what I feel!

Christine and Anita

On Hearing Christine Blasey Ford

Where is the one-piece swimsuit

To shield her today

From his smirking, roaring


I went to Yale!

They promised!

Don’t you cross me, bitch!


She sits there,

facing the worst,

acknowledging her own losses,

even smiling at her legislators,

remaining proudly

who she is.

“I’m sorry.  What does exculpatory mean?”

She waits for them

to welcome her

into a civic process.


But the rules of this game

were set long before

She picked up the phone

To do the right thing.

For her country,

For these old white men

And sad white women

Who do not deserve her.


We do not deserve her.


The row of stone faces is immutable,

but inside they cringe

in the face of

one woman’s indivisible


they shrivel in


She wasn’t supposed to be this


She’s not playing the game.

Somebody get a hook!


They pretend to listen,

Until, bursting blood vessels

Of righteous indignation and fear,

They welcome him back

to the chair.

So much better.

So much safer here

Under the warmth of his anger,

His crocodile tears,

The world they know and love,

Brett’s world!

After all, they worked their buns off

(and some other people’s)

To get here!

They can’t let their sons down!

I like beer. We all like beer.

What’s the score?

How many beers?

How many Devil’s Triangles?

How big is your


Am I really a Senator?

Wait a minute!

Did you pass out from drinking in college?

I don’t know.  Did you?


So, the whole lot of them,

The smug, confident, fading specters,


To refuse

to remember

that they have daughters.

And where are their wives?

Crying silently at home

Over sappy, romantic movies?


The entire reigning party–

Every last one of them,

Including a few scared plantation ladies,

Clutching for dear life to their own

Scratched-out crumbs of power,

Lacks the imagination

To weep for someone else’s daughter,

Or remember Anita Hill.

Not one of them

Has the living, breathing


To move one step away

From this darkening world,

Where Trump is king,

And we have all tumbled

Down the rabbit hole.


How much courage would it take

To hear her?

How much

to say “This matters.”

Just one, maybe two people.

That’s all we need

To let a few million women,

Clinging by their fingernails

To the country

they used to believe in,

breathe out.

Instead of, once again,

The boot in the face,

The powerful punch in the gut:

“Frankly, Scarlett,

We don’t give a damn.”





Attention Women of all Ages: Your Voices are Urgently Needed!


Years ago I was the Title X Training manager for the state of New Mexico and had many opportunities to work with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates  nationwide.  The services that Title X provides to women of childbearing age are vast and vital, and are efficiently and compassionately offered to clients across all walks of life: women with insurance (who could be denied coverage even under threat of death) and women on entitlement programs such as Medicaid.  Efforts to totally defund these Title X programs and to deny coverage via insurance claims will destroy mainstream, dependable sources of health care like Planned Parenthood.  These efforts are gaining momentum every day among Republican and Blue Dog legislators and your voice is urgently needed!

We are facing the possibility of tremendous and unimaginable setbacks in women’s health care with several bills being debated in Congress now.  We must speak out or as a nation, we will soon lose our precious democratic values: that each person is promised life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Please speak out through Planned Parenthood or by going to NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Your voices can help to stop the undermining of women’s hard fought rights in determining the number and the spacing of their offspring, and to assist all women of childbearing age in receiving the reproductive health care services they need.

Women are under siege in this current congressional climate, and in order to understand more about the situation with the Republican anti-women agenda and the proposed bills, this interview (click below), is worth viewing.

A War on Women”: DN! Exclusive with Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on GOP Bills Targeting Abortion and Reproductive Rights

If you haven’t already done so, sign on to the letters and petitions that are being delivered to Congress on behalf of all women in America.

Your voices have never been so urgently needed, in all the decades since Roe vs. Wade.  Will you add your voice?

"THE HUG" copyrights sadhvi 2011

Fabulous Women Over 50: Lillian McEwan



 Even though it’s 19 years too late, and even though it probably won’t make a bit of difference in the big scheme of things, it still makes me completely and thoroughly happy that attorney Lillian McEwan came forward to talk about what a scumbag Clarence Thomas was when he was her boyfriend—how he loved pornography and talked all the time about women’s breasts.  It’s especially gratifying, considering that Ginni Thomas, the poor fool who is married to him, recently sent a voicemail to Anita Hill, asking her to APOLOGIZE for all those mean, bad things she said about her husband all those years ago!  

 Lillian McEwen dated Clarence Thomas before he was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

 Lillian McEwan, photo from CNN, Larry King Live Show. 

I’m a woman over 50 who has been stewing over this for years.  And I have a feeling I’m not alone.  If you are like me, you probably watched the hearings (I was glued to my television)  and felt trampled on by the final decision.  You suffered with Anita Hill.  You could not believe that your country could allow a man like that to become a Supreme Court justice. You wanted Anita Hill to rise, shining from the hearings instead of put down.  You saw the awful underside of American politics that still didn’t offer an equal place to women at the table, and you wished you hadn’t seen it.  You wished that someone like Lillian McEwan would have stepped forward right then, right there, to corroborate Anita Hill’s courageous testimony. Continue reading Fabulous Women Over 50: Lillian McEwan