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What Do You Do the First Hour of Your Day?


Lately, when I’m with my women friends over 50, all I see is women feeling overwhelmed, and I don’t think it’s just because I’m feeling a little crazy and over caffeinated.  It’s as if there is a little birdie in my head tweeting (and not digitally) about the importance of work/life balance, causing me to yearn for it BEFORE retirement. So, for the last 30 days, I borrowed the NIKE tagline – Just Do It – as my very own personal mantra, and guess what? It didn’t work, so I’m re-thinking my strategy and examining how I spend my day.

In fact, I’ve been researching how highly accomplished people spend their day. It’s not that I am highly accomplished, but that I want to accomplish more in my day. So, how do they do it? Recently, I picked up an old article in Fast Company, What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day which got me thinking about how I spend my first hour.

The author, Kevin Purdy, interviewed lots of highly accomplished people, and one of the tips is to: “Focus on the human side of work rather than your task list. The author likened the first hour of the day to “homeroom.” Remember that? The first period of the day when you basically just showed up to let the teacher know you were present. Purdy suggests we re-create our very own adult home room every morning. In other words, a time to just check in with oneself.

More Tips:

  • Don’t Check Your Email for the First Hour. Seriously. Stop That!
  • Take that hour of Power – 30 Minutes to Thrive – or at least  Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment.  “Part of it involves light exercise, part of it involves motivational incantations, but the most accessible piece involves 10 minutes of thinking of everything you’re grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends, in your career, and the like. After that, visualize “everything you want in your life as if you had it today.”  This creates a new habit where YOU are in control.
Then there is Dr. Oz’s tip – I love this one:  A seven minute morning wake up workout you can even do in your PJ’s.  Check it out.
But for me, I covet designer Donna Karan’s first hour of the day, and by the way,  just give me her entire morning.  Up at 7:00, and either Pilates or yoga with an instructor who comes to her house.  Then, it’s a hot morning bath with essential oils – all that BEFORE breakfast at 9:30.  Oh, she tries her best to squeeze in acupuncture at 1:00 p.m.  If you don’t believe me, check it out: Donna Karan’s Morning Routine
Right now,  I’m feeling overwhelmed just from writing about Donna’s morning.  I think I’ll just start mine with a Bloody Mary or two.  

Sadhvi Sez: House of Building, Home-made Chocolate Cake, and Morning Glory’s


Life sure is interesting these days, ain’t it? I seem to be taking care of my “bucket list” without even thinking about it. For instance, I’ve always wanted to make a layer cake for someone’s birthday, instead of one in a 13″ x 9″ pan. Not that there’s anything wrong with a rectangular cake, but I just wanted to make a layer cake for as long as I can remember.
It’s a chocolate cake with a 7-minute frosting and some coconut sprinkled on it. It turned out so good! I know just about everyone can and has done this baking feat. But now, so have I:)

I also went on a trip to visit family and friends in Ohio earlier this summer by myself. It was great to get away. To jump out of my normal, day-to-day workaholic life.

It IS still summer, right? I know that some places are just starting their summer; like in Switzerland. And Seattle is having a heat wave with temperatures coming close to the 90 degree mark. Bring it on Kali Yuga!


Here it feels like fall is just around the corner. Oh, you say that fall IS just around the corner? Oh, that’s right, it is! It’s foggy in the morning, but then, around 10am or so, the sun usually comes out, and it’s another beautiful day. And I even saw yellow fallen leaves on my walk tonight for the first time.

Before I forget, let it be known that I get thrilled driving over bridges. I am filled with wonder and awe, knowing that some person designed it, and then, a whole lot of men built it. Bridges are amazing. I wanted to share a picture I took while driving over a bridge somewhere around Sandusky, Ohio.


Yes, I did take the picture with one hand on the wheel, but it was my dominant hand. I think.

So now you know why I will never get a smart phone, nor will I ever text. Because while mobile device’s have changed the world in which we live, it would be the end of mine.

It was so good to get away (did I say that already?). I don’t think I’ve been on vacation, let alone get out of area, for almost 2 years. I found that while I enjoy going back to the place that I grew up, where everyone looks like me, acts like me, has the same strange sense of humor as me, and seems to love me, it is good to come back to the place that I call home.

I’m going to test Mother Nature and plant some of the blue, blue morning glory’s tomorrow, in the hope that I will get some of those wonderful flowers before the cold weather sets in. “They” are saying that it’s gonna be a cold one. But, with a little luck, I will be posting some of those pictures around Thanksgiving!


Oh, and not wanting to be a music snob or anything, I just want to say that I don’t like a lot of the new music. Sorry. I am from Cleveland, remember? However, I recently listened to some music that some friend’s made, and it kind of made me sit up and take notice.

The group is called “House of Building”. Scott shot the clip. He is so cool. The rest of the band is also way cool. And Frieda has the voice of Nina Simone. Really. So if you know someone who is connected to the music industry, please pass this clip on to them. The world could use some good music. Amen.

Druid Hill Drive by Terri Kirby Erickson

Terri Kirby Erickson











Terri Kirby Erickson recently posted 5/28/58 on Oops50.  We now share a poem she wrote…enjoy!

Druid Hill Drive

©2009 Terri Kirby Erickson

(Except from Telling Tales

of Dusk, Press 53)


On Druid Hill Drive,

we were laughing, wiggling


of mismatched clothes


and spindly limbs,

who spun our parents


in circles as we dashed

in and out of assorted kitchens,

the sound of banging

screen doors loud


as cannon fire, family dogs

barking like mad


from the porch.  With bikes

to ride and trees

to climb, forts to build

and bugs


to catch, there were

barely enough hours


in the day for all the things

we wanted to do before

bedtime, when sleep


grabbed us like an undertow,

dragging tired children


to their weary rest

and back again,

for another round

of summer.

Getting Back on Track: Boot Camp

I went back to the gym last week.  That’s after gaining back thirty of the ninety-five pounds I lost last year!  It was time.  You can only go for so long saying to yourself things like, “It’s a stressful time: I should eat.”  Or “I’m feeling really happy today: I should eat.” Or, “I have a wedding coming up where I’m going to eat anyway, so I might as well eat.”

So, I signed up for a two-week session at my local YWCA that has the lovely name of “Boot Camp.”  And,  for the past eight days (the camp goes for ten), I’ve been showing up at the Y and doing an intense combination of cardio, weights and just general misery (lunges, planks, etc.) that has made me feel completely exhausted and muscle-achy–but very proud of myself.  I’m feeling muscles I didn’t know existed!  I have more energy at work.  My outlook on life has improved.  I’m even feeling more hopeful about eventually getting back to where I was.  My friend Catherine, who is the Director of Programs at the Y, told me about the camp, so, all I can say is, “Thank you, C.P.!”

I would like to say that I’ve also seriously curtailed my eating this week—to really take advantage of all those burned calories—but I’m afraid I’ve just boosted my eating enough to make sure I don’t lose weight.  But that’s okay.  The main thing is that I bit the bullet; I took the bull by the horns; I put a stop to the downward slide I was on.  I haven’t lost weight this week, but I also haven’t gained.  And I’ve gotten back over the terrible hurdle that I always face: FEAR/DREAD OF EXERCISE.  So, there’s hope.


Here’s how I figure it:  at the end of these two weeks, my body will be in slightly better shape than it was two weeks ago, and I will have two important things to motivate me to keep exercising (and, eventually, perhaps, even to cut back on my eating):  1) I will not want the misery—and the cost—of Boot Camp to have been for naught; 2) my body will actually feel the need for exercise again—it will be in a groove and not want to get out of it.  Most of all, I hope I can remember not to be a perfectionist.  My plan at least, is to forgive myself if I don’t go to  the gym every day but reward myself for any exercise I can squeeze into my life.  I will say to myself things like, “Any day you go is progress!”  or “If you walk around the block right now in the hot sun, even though it’s not a ton of exercise, it’s better than sitting on the couch.”

We’ll see.  Before I get to that point, however, I’ve got two more days of boot camp to get through.  Wish me luck!






Oops50: Sending a Shout-Out for Writers



It’s been several years since we last sent a shout-out asking you to contribute a blog post with us at Oops50.com.  Your responses have been overwhelming, and for that, we thank you.  We heard from cops, farmers, actresses, retirees, mothers, caretakers, yoga teachers, etc.   

So again, we invite all you baby boomers to share your stories, your dreams, and your regrets with our readers.  We know there are tons of subjects to write about because at this point, you’re not afraid to speak your mind! 

Some of our favorite categories are: Friendship, Family, Cooking, Gardening, Pets,  Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Menopause, Sleep (or the lack of), Work, Retirement, Starting Over, Books, Films, and of course, your favorite products.  Or, if you have a new category, just go for it. 

If you’re interested, please contact me at Annice@oops50.com and I’ll send you our guidelines.  And, don’t forget to spread the word.