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Love One Another Right Now


This past week was intense.  We’d been having days and weeks with highs in the upper 70’s, temperatures that make this part of the planet enjoyable as winter approaches. Then the temperature dropped to the upper 30’s, and the wind didn’t stop for 3 days. I didn’t sleep much, because wind is something that makes me nervous. The power flickered, but didn’t go out.
I felt so much compassion and love when I started to see the pictures of the storm’s damage named, Sandy. It seemed unreal. I don’t know if it has anything to do with global warming, or if Romney did it, or if the full moon made the tides higher than usual, but I felt uneasy.
I have friends and relatives who were affected by the storm. I’m sure you know people too.
When things like this happen, I feel that we all become connected.  Our hearts open and there is this stream of compassion going towards the place where people need comforted.
The other  thing that seemed to happen was that for those days the 2012 presidential race and all those name-calling nonsense ads and news stories seemed to take a back seat to the devastation and destruction.  I think just about everyone I know has had just about enough of it already anyway, right?  I can’t wait until it’s over next week.

Here’s a little clip I saw of someone who shares my feelings exactly:

And one last thing before I go is that while I was only a kid during the 60’s, many of the songs during that time left their impact. The words made sense and the music was good.  Here’s one that I remembered recently that I love to hear, even today.  It’s by the Youngbloods, with Jessie Colin Young singing lead vocal.
Take a listen, feel the message, because it’s high time to love one another right now.

I’m a Woman, and I live in North Carolina. Oh, the power of a single vote.


Only 10 days until the 2012 Presidential Election, and I, for one, am counting the days and the dollars.  It is estimated that $6-8 Billion will be spent on the 2012 elections – a hefty price tag considering the state of our economy.  I guess I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that “the vote” is just another product to be marketed and sold like coca-cola.

November 6th – please hurry up.  I’m ready for empty mail boxes, no more arguments with colleagues, friends, etc. trying to convince me to vote for Romney, and no more lies or nasty comments on facebook, blogs, T.V. and radio.

Living in a battleground state like North Carolina has been a unique experience for me.  I’ve become numb from all the non-stop attack ads by both candidates.  Having lived in Washington, D.C. most of my voting life where 75 percent of the voters are Democrats, I never saw candidates spend time or money campaigning.  They didn’t have to.  Democrats simply always win in D.C., garnering only two electoral votes.  North Carolina, on the other hand, gets 15 electoral votes, and the candidates work non-stop to procure them.

At this point, 10 days before the election, I can’t help but think all the attack ads (in the mail and on T.V.) desensitize voters.  I know I’m there.  I find myself hitting the mute button on T.V. as soon as an ad appears, any ad.  And, when I go to my mailbox I find a boatload of ads crammed in there so tightly, I have to reach my arm all the way in to dig out the mail.  And guess what?  I dump them in the garbage can (un-opened) next to my garage on my walk back to the house.  Well, occasionally I write “Return to Sender” on all the Romney literature, and so far, David, my postman, has removed them from my mailbox so I’m assuming he is compliant (without being complicit.)  Thank you, David.  Christmas is just round the corner.

I’m a woman, and I live in North Carolina.  Oh, the power of a single vote.

Sadhvi Sez: Saturday Night Live: Still Funny After All These Years


I really enjoy a good joke, or a good comedy skit, because I like to laugh.
I think me and my college roommates saw just about every “Saturday Night Live” show from the first one, which was in 1976 maybe, until we either graduated or dropped out of college.
That hour was the high point of our week. John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, Gilda Ratner, Bill Murray…all very funny and off-the-wall comedians doing skits that were mostly very funny, covering topics that no one wanted to tackle, or situations that were downright bizarre. The musical guests rocked too, and you just never knew who was going to be playing that week; it might be Carly Simon, it might be The Cars, it might be The Rolling Stones (with David Bowie popping in)!
Since I don’t own a TV, I wasn’t able to watch the season premier of Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night. But thanks to computers, I got a chance to watch the opening skit today. I just happened on it, while surfing the news.
I laughed out loud. I hope your week ahead is full of moments of laughter and feeling “wild and crazy”!

Sadhvi Sez: House of Building, Home-made Chocolate Cake, and Morning Glory’s


Life sure is interesting these days, ain’t it? I seem to be taking care of my “bucket list” without even thinking about it. For instance, I’ve always wanted to make a layer cake for someone’s birthday, instead of one in a 13″ x 9″ pan. Not that there’s anything wrong with a rectangular cake, but I just wanted to make a layer cake for as long as I can remember.
It’s a chocolate cake with a 7-minute frosting and some coconut sprinkled on it. It turned out so good! I know just about everyone can and has done this baking feat. But now, so have I:)

I also went on a trip to visit family and friends in Ohio earlier this summer by myself. It was great to get away. To jump out of my normal, day-to-day workaholic life.

It IS still summer, right? I know that some places are just starting their summer; like in Switzerland. And Seattle is having a heat wave with temperatures coming close to the 90 degree mark. Bring it on Kali Yuga!


Here it feels like fall is just around the corner. Oh, you say that fall IS just around the corner? Oh, that’s right, it is! It’s foggy in the morning, but then, around 10am or so, the sun usually comes out, and it’s another beautiful day. And I even saw yellow fallen leaves on my walk tonight for the first time.

Before I forget, let it be known that I get thrilled driving over bridges. I am filled with wonder and awe, knowing that some person designed it, and then, a whole lot of men built it. Bridges are amazing. I wanted to share a picture I took while driving over a bridge somewhere around Sandusky, Ohio.


Yes, I did take the picture with one hand on the wheel, but it was my dominant hand. I think.

So now you know why I will never get a smart phone, nor will I ever text. Because while mobile device’s have changed the world in which we live, it would be the end of mine.

It was so good to get away (did I say that already?). I don’t think I’ve been on vacation, let alone get out of area, for almost 2 years. I found that while I enjoy going back to the place that I grew up, where everyone looks like me, acts like me, has the same strange sense of humor as me, and seems to love me, it is good to come back to the place that I call home.

I’m going to test Mother Nature and plant some of the blue, blue morning glory’s tomorrow, in the hope that I will get some of those wonderful flowers before the cold weather sets in. “They” are saying that it’s gonna be a cold one. But, with a little luck, I will be posting some of those pictures around Thanksgiving!


Oh, and not wanting to be a music snob or anything, I just want to say that I don’t like a lot of the new music. Sorry. I am from Cleveland, remember? However, I recently listened to some music that some friend’s made, and it kind of made me sit up and take notice.

The group is called “House of Building”. Scott shot the clip. He is so cool. The rest of the band is also way cool. And Frieda has the voice of Nina Simone. Really. So if you know someone who is connected to the music industry, please pass this clip on to them. The world could use some good music. Amen.

In Honor of Rachel Carson: “There Was Someone Named Rachel”

Jean of "Sheville.org"

Oops50 received the following email recently from our friend Jean Cassidy, one of the great women over at SheVille.org, who has written a piece of music in honor of Rachel Carson.  We love Rachel Carson, too, so we are including the lyrics below, from Jean’s email.  We would have included the actual score if we could have figured out how to post it! Please contact us at Oops50 to obtain a copy!

Dear Friends,
I’m on a mission to spread the word right now about Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring on its 50th anniversary of publication.  Her lifetime work was the catalyst to our environmental movement.  Included please find the lyrics page along with the original score of my piece.  A small group here will be recording this and sending it out on YouTube soon.  If you would like to be notified when it’s available, you can let Oops50 know, and we’ll make sure you get it!  In the meantime, please send and share this post with your personal friends and colleagues who might be interested in using or performing the song in celebration of Carson and her important work…no charge, the benefit to me is in the enjoyment of creating the piece and of celebrating her monumental work.

Rachel Louise Carson (May 27, 1907 – April 14, 1964) was an American marine biologist and nature writer and one of the most influential environmentalists of all time.  Her books The Sea Around Us, The Edge of the Sea and especially the publication of Silent Spring on September 27, 1962, essentially began the environmental movement as we know it today.  Silent Spring not only influenced the practices of agricultural science and government, but encouraged all of us to be conscious of and drastically change the way we view our relationship to the natural world.

For more information,  please go to:  http://green.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Spring

Jean Cassidy


Rachel Carson

Here are the lyrics to Jean’s piece:

There Was Someone Named Rachel   

(words and music – Jean Cassidy/arrangement – Catherine Haas Riley)

Verse 1: Middle’s Melody

There was someone named Rachel, was very wise you see.

She knew a town in America that lived in harmony

with all the life around it, birds and all living things.

She wrote a book you might have read, it’s called Silent Spring.


So that the day will dawn upon us when we will see the light,

as the night returns to morning everything will be all right.

Verse 2           

There was someone named Robert, was very wise you see.

In nineteen forty-five he feared the destruction there could be

with energy and matter, Los Alamos was the place,

but he knew through history and art that humanity had a face.

Bridge: Soprano’s Melody

We are a people coming to light, humankind regaining its sight.

Can you feel it?  Can you feel it? 

Verse 3           

There was someone named Julia, was very wise you see.

Within the redwood forest she saved an ancient tree.

She lived among its branches, that’s how she earned her fame.

‘Twas rescued from the lumberjack, now Luna is its name.”


So that the day will dawn upon us when we will see the light,

as the night returns to morning everything will be all right.


We are a people coming to light, humankind regaining its sight.

Can you feel it, can you feel it, (can you feel it)?