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Play: It’s Not Just For Kids

Oops50:BarbaraWe usually associate play with children.

But why did we, the adults, stop playing?  What is at the heart of playing, and why is it good?  How can we do it more?
Most of us in the States grew up with the Puritan work ethic, which values hard work and frugality.  As Americans, we have a reputation for living to work.  Many of us are perfectionists and tend to deny ourselves permission to do something unless we can do it perfectly, or it’s “productive”.  We feel guilty if we’re just having fun.
Thanks to Stuart Brown, psychiatrist and founder of “The National Institute of Play,” there’s now ample scientific evidence showing the benefits of play in the animal kingdom.  A neurologist discovered humans develop more emotional maturity and better decision-making skills when they play more.
Brown says, “Play energizes us and enlivens us.  It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.”
Play is pleasurable.  It’s purposeless and fun. When we’re truly playing, we lose all sense of time and enter that flow state. Our spirit will always urge us to play, as our spirit is always seeking the highest feeling of joy and aliveness.  It’s our mind that puts the brakes on: “Play is frivolous” “I don’t have time”…
So how do we get back to play?: There are five key ways:
1.    Get into your heart energy and let-go of play saboteurs that come from the mind.
2.    Remember back to when you were a kid having the most fun – what were you doing? How did you feel when you were playing? What would feel like fun now?
3.    Look at role models to inspire you. Movies like “Harold and Maude” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” are wonderful for inspiring play. The author SARK is another one.
4.    Give yourself permission. Let go of perfection and productivity and enjoy the process. Your only gauge should be how you’re feeling.
5.    Invite your friends to play.
Chew quietly your sweet sugarcane God-Love, and stay playfully childish. – Rumi

On My Son’s Graduation


It’s gotta just be the work of the big engine in the sky that speeds up time as you get older.  I know that, for the first year of our children’s lives, time crawled along.  It was slowed down by sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, worries about nuclear war and kidnappings–or about dropping the baby or not getting the car seat put in the car correctly.  Then, for about the next 5 to 10 years, it managed to move a little faster, but it was still kept in its place by dumb homework assignments, school sports events, and endless worries about everything.  But ever since all four of our kids hit ages where I no longer have to worry obsessively about every detail of their lives—these ages where they are pretending to be grownups!—time seems to have jumped right onto the fast track.  And it won’t let up for a minute.

Parker, Ready to Graduate!


So now, my son, Parker, who started out as a little, chunky, always meditative boy, fondly referred to as “our Buddha baby,” is not only 6 foot 6 or 7 inches (but who’s counting?), but he’s graduating from college!!  Forgive me if I just cannot take it in.  Maybe if I scream it out:  “Parker is graduating from college, World!”  Nope.  Didn’t work.

Taking a Break on the Road to Learn


  All I can say is, “How in the hell did this happen?”



Parker, Home Stretch


Sadhvi Sez: The Everlasting Joy of the Poppy


After all the changes in the weather over the last month, I can see signs of spring all over and there is no turning back now – well actually, our last frost date is the middle of May, so I’m thinking there will be some cold yet to come…but, the momentum has started!

We’ve dug up and moved the Firethorn over there, and are planting new roses here, and trimming back the raspberries, and the gooseberries, and the butterfly bushes, and cleaning up the yard, as if we too are waking up from the winter like the plants.

I have some poppy seeds and now is the last chance for me and you to plant them in order for them to bloom this year.


With all the stuff that seems to be going in the wrong direction (i.e. that Monsanto/GMO rider that got signed by President Obama this past Tuesday (that the media has yet to do much reporting on, bless their hearts!) to protect them from being sued EVER if someone gets sick from eating GMO food…y’know, little things like that*), it’s nice to know that by simply bending over and putting some tiny seeds in the ground where there is plenty of sun, covering them with dirt, patting them down and making sure they stay watered, that such a lovely thing will grow and bring us such pure joy, the kind of joy that won’t be affected by the ever increasing stupidity on the planet.

To close, here's a poem that I found from over a hundred years ago
for you to enjoy today:
Happy Spring!

IN A POPPY GARDEN by Charles Francis Saunders (1902)
Upon a summer's day, when the noon-tide air      
Was dreamy with the languor of the heat,
The poppies of my garden stirred to speech.
"Master," they seemed to say, "we bring thee gift
Of sleep, and, in sleep's hand, forgetfullness
Of the world's smallnesses and petty prides,
That, waking, thou mayest have a freer heart
For life's nobilities."   .    .    .    .
Then I awoke. Pray God, the dream come true.

* This came from a friend and I thought it was important 
to add this to my post this week:

Hi Folks,
I am not familiar with the Blue Street Journal, but
found this quote really interesting when I learned about it,
and somewhat easing my rage in the light of what is happening
with our food safety and security.

"The GOP slipped in the "Monsanto Protection Act" into H.R. 933. 
A bill designed to avoid a government shut down. 
It also covered the Violence Against Women Act, SNAP, etc.

If Obama hadn't signed it the government would have shut down,
the Violence Against Women Act would have been
dead (again), there would be no SNAP assistance to
poor families, and more. 
For those reasons this was a "must pass" bill. 

If you're blaming Obama, you're doing what the
GOP wants you to do. 
They are the ones that did the deed..."

When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power
the world will know Peace.
~Jimi Hendrix