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Oops50: Sending a Shout-Out for Writers



It’s been several years since we last sent a shout-out asking you to contribute a blog post with us at Oops50.com.  Your responses have been overwhelming, and for that, we thank you.  We heard from cops, farmers, actresses, retirees, mothers, caretakers, yoga teachers, etc.   

So again, we invite all you baby boomers to share your stories, your dreams, and your regrets with our readers.  We know there are tons of subjects to write about because at this point, you’re not afraid to speak your mind! 

Some of our favorite categories are: Friendship, Family, Cooking, Gardening, Pets,  Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Menopause, Sleep (or the lack of), Work, Retirement, Starting Over, Books, Films, and of course, your favorite products.  Or, if you have a new category, just go for it. 

If you’re interested, please contact me at Annice@oops50.com and I’ll send you our guidelines.  And, don’t forget to spread the word. 

Sadhvi Sez: Summer Flowers


I saw the first leaf fall the other night on a walk with my dog.  It’s not the first time I noticed this right after the beginning of summer, just a few weeks after the longest day of the year.  Just one of life’s paradox’s.  It was orange and it was from a beautiful maple tree.



The flowers are opening a good month ahead of the “norm” of the last 12 years that I’ve been in these parts.


The wine berries are almost over, and the raspberries have been gone for several weeks.  They were huge.


My butterfly bushes are gigantic (but no sign of the butterfly population), my 4 o’clock’s smell more intense than I can ever remember, and the skies seem bluer than I can recall.  I want to enjoy what is in front of me, drink it in.  Love what is.  Find the source behind all that I see, smell, notice these days.  I wonder if you are feeling this way too?  Well, I hope you are having a summer where your senses are taking in the beauty of the magnificent color and delight that comes through flowers, nature, and life!