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Use a Knife and Fork, Please!


I probably shouldn’t write about pet peeves, I mean who really cares?  But, I need a minute to rant.  Is it just me, or have people in the U.S.  forgotten how to eat with utensils?  And, I’m not talking about sushi, cous-cous, Ethiopian cuisine, or other ethnic foods.  I’m also not talking about  young people who lack proper dining etiquette. I’m talking about patronizing a fairly nice restaurant and noticing a very well dressed women in her 50s, shoveling pieces of omelette onto her fork with her fingers.

As a result of that episode, all I do now in restaurants is stare at customers while they eat.  Only it’s worse. I play this little game when someone sits down –  I look them over, and based on their appearance and manner, I make a decision about whether or not they will use a knife and fork  properly.  And, guess what?  My diners do not disappoint.  Many eat in a way that grosses me out.  I want to run over to their table and say, “Can you please use a knife and fork when you eat.”  After all, there are still knives on the table when you sit down in a restaurant, so obviously they are there for a reason.  Frankly, I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their home, but in public, use a knife and fork  P-L-E-A-S-E.

Correct use of knife & fork

Is there a Link Between Bras and Breast Cancer?


It started over a week ago when a dear friend in New Jersey e-mailed me a link to an article that was being discussed on “Coast to Coast,” a radio show that airs on more than 560 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada and Mexico. The show boasts nearly three million weekly listeners from 1-5.a.m. (Paula, I didn’t know you were an insomniac).

The topic on the show was breast cancer and how to prevent it “naturally.”  The article in question claimed that there was an increase in breast cancer rates between women who wear bras versus those that who do not. It said the odds of getting breast cancer dramatically increased with bra-wearing over 12 hours per day. My friend, like so many of us, is not a fan of the bra when at home. Always ready to forward health info, I sent the article to a group of women over 50, and within minutes, it sparked a flood of comments, such as:

Nedra: I don’t know what to think but who really wears bras at home? I only wear mine when I go out period. Never at home, hate them! When I wear a bra, I like Spanx, get them on-line. 

Sadhvi: Interesting article…now, all I need to do is find some kind of undershirt that will bring some kind of support for my 42DD size!  Let me know if any of you know of something.

Marjorie:  Hi all, this missive has been around for a long time. Given the fact that probably 99% of women wear a bra, I think the statistics are ridiculous. You can buy a wire-free, front closing sports bra at Kmart for $7.99. It is comfortable and will give you some support so your tee tees don’t hang down to your belly button! Now for my 2 cents. Here is what I think causes cancer (since I have it, I feel I can be bold and pontificate)!  

1.         Stress….which causes our immune systems to make mutant cells and while most people can throw them off, it’s like getting the flu, sometimes your body can’t ward it off. I believe that childhood trauma is where it starts. Of course not everyone will get cancer who was abused, but cancer is a long process. You don’t wake up one morning and say, “Oh, I got cancer” like it just happened overnight.

 2.         Diet….all I will say about that is get a hold of the movie “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”. I don’t know if it’s on Netflix, but I went to see it last night and believe me, if I had seen this right after I was diagnosed, I would NEVER have done radiation. I opted out of chemo immediately, but the radiation is just as poisonous. All of the doctors in this film are MD’s they are not crazy quacks. If nothing else, stop eating meat and dairy products. I just started using coconut milk in my coffee and it’s really good!

 3.         The American Cancer Society, The National Cancer Institute, the drug companies, the hospitals and all the “so called cancer information we get” is a huge hype. It’s like the wars in Iran and Iraq, so much money has been poured into making them right, there’s no turning back. And, here’s the big one……the incidence of people who are living longer because of these barbaric treatments is slim to none. The numbers are being padded because if someone lives for 5 years after treatment, they are considered “cured”.

 So, please don’t get caught up in the bra vs. no bra story. Please watch this movie before you are prodded along like cattle to make decisions fast once you (God forbid) are diagnosed. Also read the China Study….it’s a little on the academic side, but scientifically proves why diet can cause cancer.

Believe me, I’m not perfect. It will take me awhile to get on a totally plant based diet, but I’m really trying. Hope some of this gives you some “food for thought”.

Minda:  Reading The Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran? Really good for beginners. Not that I’m going vegan but also want to eat more of a plant based diet. Experimenting with greens this weekend. 

Lisa: Hi ya’all, I too was diagnosed with cancer (way too early) and believe wholeheartedly it was stress and diet oriented, not to mention genetics as I have the same cancer my mother and her sister have but I got it twenty years earlier.

The easiest way to get lots of greens in is to blend them into a smoothie with berries and stevia-flavored drops to sweeten it up. Cucumbers are excellent. This morning I even have fennel in my smoothie. If I miss one of these in the morning, I really feel the difference. Plus, check out the super foods: maca, lucuma, etc… they come in powder form. Chia and hemp seeds are great for a wide variety of reasons. Dr. Brian Clement, who runs Hippocrates Health Institute has a new book either coming out or already out called KILLER CLOTHES. 

Marjorie:  I got a juicer on Amazon….not the super duper best, but it does work well.  I do kale, chard, beet greens, and any other organic greens I can get.  Oh, carrots and ginger too, and it’s really delicious. Check out the “Juice Guy” on YouTube.  He is pretty hysterically funny but you get the idea of the juicing!  

Based on the flurry of comments, I decided to do some of my own fact-finding. According to the Scientific American, those ideas have been circulating since the late 60’s. A leading researcher, Dr. Sherry Marts, Scientific Director of the Society for Women’s Health Research, says it’s more urban myth than science. The legend was perpetuated in the 1995 book by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer entitled, Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Bras and Breast Cancer. According to About.com, Women Health sites review of the book, Singer and Grismaijer claim that they surveyed over 4700 women and discovered that “100% of women with breast cancer wear bras.” The authors hypothesized that bras inhibit lymphatic circulation, which leads to a buildup of cancer-causing “toxins” in the breast. Apparently, it just ain’t so. For more info go to Snopes.



Beautiful Women over 50: What a Difference the Years Make


To say that our 40thclass reunion last summer was a life changing experience would be an understatement!  So many wonderful things happened that have forever changed so many of us as a result of that wonderful weekend.  One of the best changes was that, after 40 years, several of us have not only reconnected on a personal level, but we have also been able to team up and form a national sales force for a new company started by one of our very own!

I am happy to say that almost 75% of our classmates were found in the process of planning the reunion. And although our life paths are very different, several of us do share a love of beautiful jewelry which proved to be a great common denominator when we discovered Susan Leasure had created a new online jewelry boutique called Cinderella’s Sea.  This is a unique wholesale accessory boutique created by a woman, for women and run by women.  Cinderella’s Seabrings individual expression in to women’s lives with “The Aqua Princess Collection of Ultra glamorous Jewelry”, embellished with cultured pearls and dazzling crystals.

Reunion Buddies

Susan and I have teamed up and are working together to formulate a team of professionals to work as a sales force across the country, selling our beautiful jewelry and accessories to upscale ladies boutiques.  It’s exciting!  Several classmates and spouses of classmates have joined the team.  I have a feeling that great things will come out of this new collaboration.


Having dinner with several of these ladies at one of our “mini reunions” in Florida, I found that many of us were looking for a part time activity to help pay for our “shopping habits”.  So what better way to do that than by selling jewelry we all love to wear and own personally?  We all own and wear our favorite pieces of “The Cinderella’s Sea Collection” already.  And you know what?  We have only positive things to say about the collection because we love it ourselves.

Look out America – here we come!  And Fashionistas, be looking for a boutique close to you!  The Cinderella’s Sea Jewelry Collection will be arriving soon!

Ah yes, what a difference the years make.  We never thought we’d come full circle, but here we are, high school buddies, back together again as the sales team behind Cinderella’s Sea!  Check the site out!


Rodeo Queen
Party Girl


Beautiful Women over 50: Paula Jerome Jewelry

Paula Jerome

About five years ago, I was driving around doing errands one Saturday afternoon and for no particular reason, I decided to get a manicure – something I almost never do. I think it’s because the nail polish usually chips the next day and then I feel like I’ve just wasted money. So, there I was in a small nail salon in Asheville, and sitting next to me was an amazing woman/jeweler, Paula Jerome. We talked non-stop the entire time our nails were drying. Paula was passionate about making jewelry and growing her design business. I was excited to tell her about my work with the university advising small and medium size businesses in the region, and we immediately set up an appointment. I couldn’t wait to link her up with resources and organizations like HandMade in America. Sometimes, clients become friends and I’m happy to say that even though Paula moved back to New Jersey to be  closer to her family, our friendship endured, and she says I even helped her get her business off the ground.

Paula is 63 now, and it wasn’t until the age of 55 that she ventured into jewelry making. That path proved to be her life’s purpose, and one she feels very blessed to have found because some people never find it. For Paula, that purpose is bringing joy to others through her creations and her passion.

Paula’s collection is made from 100% recycled gold and silver and features precious and semi-precious stones.  It’s gorgeous.  And by the way, her original Atlantic City Charms were worn on the Emmy Red Carpet last September by cast members of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Not bad for a new designer.  Take a peak at her entire collection.

Atlantic City charm bracelet

Instead of a traditional interview, I wanted to give you a unique look into Paula’s personality, so I asked her 6 random questions. Here are her answers. Thanks, Paula.

1. What was the name of the first record you ever bought?

In The Still of The Night by the Five Satins

2. What is the one thing you have to put on or have on that makes you feel good about leaving the house?

My Cell Phone

3. What is your favorite comfort food and how much does it cost?

Turkey Wings. About $2.99 a pound

4. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being over 50?

Favorite ~ My grandchildren!!! Least favorite ~ Wrinkles!

5. Favorite lipstick? And where do you get it?

Lipstick ~ Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick, Neiman Marcus

6. What is your most favorite thing to do that is “creative”?

Make my jewelry!!!



My Very Own Writing Retreat


Last winter was long, cold and miserable.  It’s one winter I want to forget.  I spent months taking care of my husband (after he fell on ice and had to have a hip replacement) and feeling sorry for myself.  When Spring finally arrived, it brought my father’s passing followed by the death of both my dogs within three months of each other.  At long last, I received some good news.  I was gifted one full week in a writer’s residency program at the glorious Wild Acres Retreat Center in the North Carolina mountains.  Their website says, “The program allows individuals the solitude and inspiration needed to begin or continue work on a project in their particular field.”  And so, from Sept. 5-12th, I stayed at the Owl’s Nest Cabin, tucked away in the mountains to work on my novel without any interruptions – none.  No distractions – none.  No T.V., no cell phone service, no internet, and no iPod.  It was just me, my laptop, my yoga mat, and 23 chapters of my book needing to be revised.  

As if that wasn’t cool enough, I also didn’t have to spend time preparing any meals, or cleaning or washing anything.  I didn’t have to be concerned about anyone other than myself.  How often does that happen?


I was pretty much off the grid (without a car) and had to hike ¼ mile up to the main campus for my meals.  No big deal.  However, I was a little alarmed about a few things such as critters in my room and hunters on the gravel road near my cabin with their barking dogs.  You see, it’s bear hunting season in the mountains, and while I don’t want to be judgmental regarding a tradition that is centuries old, I am disturbed to know that folks are still out there hunting bears.  I mean, what for?


As for critters, I had a ring-neck snake in my cabin which I managed to get out without killing it.  How did I know it was a ring-neck snake?  When I described it to people at lunch, they informed me that’s what it was.  I don’t like snakes, but I survived that crisis and moved on to another crisis, a yoga crisis.

When I left my house, I grabbed the September issue of the Yoga Journal  in case I needed it.  So, while I was patting myself on the back for progressing so well on my revision, I put myself in a funk practicing Hanumanasana (full splits).  Well, I knew it wasn’t an easy pose and certainly not one I ever practice out of class, but hey, I figured in a week I would make some progress- NOT.  So, frustration paid me a long visit that week, thanks to my greedy self wanting immediate results.   It’s amazing how we can find things to be discouraged about even when we don’t have to.  Once again, my mat teaches me a lesson.  I guess a yoga retreat is in order next.