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Ten Things I Hate/Love About Being 59

JANEI’ll start with ten things I hate, but it might help to pair them up right away with the corresponding things I love!

1) I am turning 60 soon, and even though my dear friend, Nancy, tells me to stop whining about it, I’m having some trouble with that number.  It just sounds older than I think I should be at this point in my life.  I still feel like I’m 35 or, at the most, 40.

2) My knees hurt after I sit for any length of time.

3) I can’t read fine print.

4) My parents, and almost everyone in their generation–in other words, the people who inhabited most of my childhood and youth–are dead.  That’s what happens, I guess when you are the youngest in your family.

5) I’m finding most movies to be pretty disgusting nowadays, even when they are funny.  I worry (occasionally) that I’m turning into a fuddy-duddy, but I suspect it’s just that movies are running short on intelligent humor, high on the adolescent variety. But since I can’t stay awake for a whole movie anyhow, it doesn’t matter!

6) My children are grown.

7) I have lost a lot of the certainty I used to have that, no matter what, everything is going to be okay.

8) I am still working fulltime and see little hope of retiring any time soon.

9) It’s harder to lose weight than it used to be and much easier to gain it in all the unwanted places, where old ladies get fat!

10) Young people call me “Honey” and “Sweetie,” but they are not flirting with me.  (I am starting to be invisible.)

Isn't this a great image I found online?
Isn’t this a great image I found online?


1) I am turning 60 soon, which I regard as a sign that I really am an adult now, and that excites me in a way that only people who were the youngest in their families of origin will understand.  Besides, I hope to have a big party to celebrate, if I can get up the energy to pull it off!

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Senior Citizen Discounts and Other Horrors


This week I had a very disturbing experience:  I was offered a senior citizen discount at my grocery store!  I’ve never been offered this kind of discount before—anywhere—so it totally flummoxed me.  It didn’t help that the store had a cutesy little name for it, so when the clerk asked me if I had forgotten about their “wisdom discount,” all I could manage was a confused look.  Then it sank in:  she was offering me the discount for people 60 and older!

I almost blew up at the clerk—at her audacity in thinking I could be that old—until I realized that I’m only three years away from the “wisdom discount”.  And that’s when I really got depressed.

I didn’t want to get depressed, but that’s what happened.  I simply could not fathom that I could possibly look 60 to a 21- year-old.  How was that possible?  I’m way younger than that.  After all, I’m only 57!  Besides, I’ve always been the youngest one in my family, so how could I ever look 60?  60 is an age where you look grown up and mature.  Help! I don’t feel that way yet!

Besides, I’ve lost all that weight!  I thought I was looking young and beautiful and very far from 60!  I managed to get over the whole incident by telling myself that one, ridiculous clerk is just so young that she doesn’t have a clue about anyone’s age.  To her, a 40-year-old probably looks 60, I muttered under my breath.

Then it happened again—in a different store, with a different clerk—a very polite 40-year-old man, who asked me if I was “eligible for our senior discount?”. Continue reading Senior Citizen Discounts and Other Horrors