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Oops50: SadhviSez: This New Age is Funny

I know I am getting old.  Not being raised in the New Age, I am just part of the wave of people of my generation that would bring it in.  I remember when I stopped eating meat because I couldn’t handle eating something that was alive…and how I kind of felt like I was an outcast when trying to find a place to eat out.  I remember discovering miso, herbs, fresh ginger, spirulina, earth shoes and Birkenstocks.

No one really ate out much.  Mostly everyone cooked their meals at home.  I bought my tofu and brown rice and organic veggies (that usually looked kind of wilted) at a funky health food store, not the posh Whole Foods-like stores of today.

I’m not dwelling on the past!  I just want to share this clip of something that I found kind of funny…enjoy!