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My New Red Shoes


I have a pair of new red shoes from a company that I want to highly recommend to our readers.  I didn’t think I’d ever write again about shoes, especially red ones, but I can’t help it.  I love my wonderful new shoes, “filled with millions of tiny air bubbles”  from a British company called Hotter Shoes.

They approached us at Oops50 recently and asked if we would like to try out a pair of their shoes, and of course I agreed to be a guinea pig—who wouldn’t want a new pair of shoes with the emphasis on comfort, right?  I was a little worried though, that I might be signing up for what our mothers would have called “comfortable shoes.”  You know the type: big, wide shoes with thick soles that come in either white or black.  Well, I went tho their site and was pleasantly surprised; the shoes looked good, but they actually look even better in person.

Jane's New Hotter Shoes!

These are not ugly, comfort shoes of the variety worn by old ladies with bunions.  These are stylish and comfortable shoes—to tell you the truth, I didn’t believe those two words could go together.  And even though the company’s name brought immediately to mind the movie, “Kinky Boots,” while there is nothing kinky going on, these are definitely hot shoes!

They come in all kinds of different designs.  And they are incredibly comfortable.  No aches and pains.  No sore toes.  And, they come in wide sizes without looking wide.  Check out their site, and if you order a pair, do let me know if you agree with me.  And if you have a moment or two, let me know what your most comfortable shoe is, Ok?




Style: Update on Jane’s Red Shoes!


I went to visit my friend Judi last week.  After a hello and a hug, she started to tell me about this pair of shoes that she just bought.  The way she was acting, it was as if she had fallen in love with someone.  Great I said.  After years of seeing cute shoes that only go up to size 10 or 11 and that I will never be able to wear because I am a size 11.5 – 12, I no longer feel any jealousy.   Judi kept going on and on about these shoes that she just had to show me.  Hmmm, I was having a litte deja-vu experience.  Her excitement was the same as what Jane had when she wrote about falling in love with a pair of red Jambu shoes.  It turns out that Judi’s shoes were the exact same ones!  I must admit, my breath quickened a bit when I held these shoes in my own two hands.  They had flowers embedded in lucite in the arch and they looked so good.!

Jane and Judi's Jambu Red Shoes!

Judi’s friend was there, and said she had just walked 14 miles in San Fransciso in hers, another model, the Jambu Planet  and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. 

Judi's friend's Jambu Planet Shoes

I started to walk out of the room slowly, which is my way of leaving a situation that I find uncomfortable.  Judi said that I could get them in a men’s style…surely.  Well, after googling them online, it turns out that they do not.  

I guess I will always long to have a pair of beautiful comfortable shoes.  So please, check these shoes out on my behalf.  Really, go ahead.  Get a pair and feel like you are in love.  It will make me happy that you are happy with your cool and very comfortable shoes!

On Falling in Love with a Pair of Shoes

I confess:  I am in love with a pair of red shoes!  I saw them for the first time when my friend, Patricia, wore them to work.  For weeks, I worshipped them from afar, with their tiny size, their exquisite shape, their beautiful color–right down to the flowers decorating the heel.  But I knew they were unattainable:  1) I could not afford new shoes right then 2) Those shoes fit Patricia’s tiny, little feet, so there was no way they would fit my size 10 1/2’s  or 11’s 3) You could never have two pairs of exquisite red shoes walking the halls of the same office.  I decided to get them off my mind. 

Months went by.  I watched them from a distance, but I knew they could never be mine.  I was content.

Then, in a horrible, depressing stroke of fate, Patricia left our office to take a new job elsewhere.  I was devestated.  I missed her wonderful presence.   And, I missed  her shoes!  Weeks went by, and I resigned myself to my new, empty life.  Then, the weekend came when my husband suggested I reward myself for losing so much weight by buying a new pair of shoes.  We went to the store, and I tried on pair after pair after pair.  Then, the sales lady said the fateful words:  “I think I have the perfect pair for you,” and brought out the red shoes, in size 10 or 11–I could try both!  And, unlike every other shoe that looks great in miniature but turns into a gun boat in my size, they looked great.  And they made my feet look smaller!  I was in love, truly in love, with a pair of shoes, for the first time in my life. 

I have to say:  I’ve never understood, until now, my women friends (and some men) who love shoes and notice each other’s shoes and talk about shoes.  I didn’t get it.  But that was then, when I was a shoe virgin!  Here they are, from both angles. 

Take a look and see if you don’t agree that they are the most magnificent shoes you’ve ever seen.  Best of all, they feel good on your feet.  All this and heaven, too! 

And, best of all, Patricia forgives me when we wear them to the same event, which happens occasionally–although she does get a certain look in her eye.  I can almost hear her saying the words:  “You little slut shoe stealer!”

Betty’s Beat: An Ode to Sensible, Sensual Shoes



I’ve always been partial to shoes that strongly resemble the shape of the human foot.  Men’s shoes have traditionally come closer in this regard than women’s.  In our particular cultural cul-de-sac, women’s shoes are often not considered stylish if they conform to the shape of the foot.  Thus, many stylish shoes look as if they have been designed for alien appendages.  Research now demonstrates that feet become shaped like the shoes that hold them.


I consider myself fortunate.  My mom scrimped on other things to shod her daughters in sturdy, sensible Buster Browns.  Some of the first shoes I remember buying for myself were Earth Shoes – sensible, sensual shoes I would argue – that I continue to purchase and wear some 4 decades later!  I also consider myself fortunate that my choice of career path (non-corporate) and lifestyle (relaxed rural) freed me from the panty-hose and heels ordeal that many of my friends had to endure.  A third lucky stroke, my birth year, ensured that I would have many more choices in shoe styles other than the much maligned “comfortable shoes”  or the 7″ stilettos-on-steroids of previous generations.

With one exception – the full-on gala – I now have what I call sensible, sensual shoes for every occasion.  I define these sensible, sensual shoes as footwear that bears close resemblance to my bare feet and is also pleasing to my senses.  They feel good, look good (to me especially), sound good in motion and smell good!  Sensible, sensual shoes also perform whatever service I require of them – support for walking or working, insulation from the elements, protection for the 26 bones, 33 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments that make up the foot.  I can work, walk and relax in the same pair of shoes.  I don’t have to change into a different pair for every different activity.  I think the primary appeal of my shoes should be to me, the wearer.  Looking good (sexy?) to others is icing on the cake.  Shoes that merely look sexy should be relegated to fantasy play.  I disagree with the late Marilyn Monroe who reportedly said, “I don’t know who invented the high heel, but all women owe him a lot.”

Red High Heels

So what shape are your bare feet now after a few decades of footwear?  And do any of you have a suggestion for sensible, sensual shoes appropriate for a gala?