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Sadhvi Sez: Visualize Hope (and bake a Swiss Linzer Torte)


A lot has happened since I had that dream of Arianna Huffinton wanting me to be her friend on FaceBook.  The earthquake in Japan.  The Tsunami in Japan.  The Nuclear Nightmare in Japan.  Coming to terms with my heart opening and crying for what seemed like a long, long time.  People all around not really feeling it.  As if, since it didn’t happen here, and there is nothing to be done about it, well, Japan will recover.  Something feels broken to me and something feels more insane in the world.  I feel both scared and relaxed a lot of the time.  I  turned 53 last week, and I woke up to having jowls, just like all the women on my mother’s side of the family.


Spring has come.  And here where I live it feels already like summer.

I also made one of my favorite things to eat, something that I have not made for maybe 20 years:  A Swiss Linzer Torte.  The recipe I want to share is exactly the same kind you would find in any Bakery in Switzerland, and boy, it is good.  Which made me happy, and made me feel like there is hope.

This recipe is easy and is truly divine.  Oh, I know that the metric is a drag, but only if you don’t have that manual metric scale that is very affordable and ever so easy to use like I have.  Don’t go to Amazon, Google it and shop someplace local, so that you can get it in person, Ok?  Because if you order it from Amazon, and it is broken, you will not be able to return it to Amazon, etc.  I am trying to spare you from having the nightmares that I have had with them on more than one occasion.  I try not to get anything on Amazon.  No customer service.  No, I mean, horrible customer service.  In fact, before I forget to tell you, if you like to buy books, go to Better World Books online.  They are a great company with great prices on new and used books, and they contribute money to promote literacy and help fund libraries.  Oh, and they have free shipping.  Thank you Tosh for sharing that site.  Ok, here is the recipe:  Here is to things getting better everywhere. Continue reading Sadhvi Sez: Visualize Hope (and bake a Swiss Linzer Torte)

My Secret Poppy Seed Roll Recipe


Being a woman over 50, I find myself starting to reminisce about food from my childhood.  It was bound to happen, right?  Nut rolls and Poppy Seed rolls, along with Kolachi’s filled with apricot, cherry, or plum jam, were a part of the Holiday season for me growing up.  My Mom and Dad used to make them just about every year, and it was a BIG project.  I can remember that my 3 brother’s and I stayed clear of the kitchen when this was going on, because it was just so intense!  They had to be made just right; the dough had to be rolled out thin (which was not easy), and there was no scrimping on the filling.  Sticking with the basic recipe was important: no raisins in the poppy seed filling!  Once my Mom put coconut in the nut filling, and well, let me just say that Christmas was not very special that year.

I spent months trying to get the perfect recipe; from my old boyfriend’s Mom, to hours online researching all the many and complicated recipes that are out there, watching YouTube videos of these rolls being made, studying old cookbooks on my shelves, until finally, my Mom came through and gave me a recipe that she used which was given to her by her best friend’s cousin’s Mom, who made my Mom swear not to give it to anyone until she died.  This is the recipe I want to share.


I hesitated for many months.  I thought they would be so time-consuming and difficult.  Being the baker that I am though, I decided it was high time to try.  And besides, my Dad really wanted me to make them, and even bought me a grinder online that cost a lot of money.  It didn’t work at all, so please don’t order it!   They emailed the company, Otto’s Import Store and Deli, asking for a refund and are still waiting to hear back from them, so don’t use them!  I ended up grinding the poppy seeds with a small amount of the sugar in my inexpensive Black and Decker blender and guess what?  It turned out fine.  Continue reading My Secret Poppy Seed Roll Recipe

Sadhvi Sez: Making a Swiss Tart is Easy!



Welcome to Oops50 and this week’s Sadhvi Sez!  Now that you know how to make the Swiss Pie Crust from last week’s column, here is my recipe for what goes inside.

The filling is practically the same for sweet or savory tarts, and the pie crust is exactly the same.  I know there is so much going on these days, and most of us just cannot do everything that we want.  But one of these days, you might want to try this tart.  It’s one of those recipes that is just so versatile, and once you do it a couple of times, it is easy.

I just read what the Joy of Cooking has to say about pie crusts & tarts, and it made me want to close the book immediately.  Really, I won’t do something these days unless it is easy.  Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

The Filling for Sadhvi’s Swiss Tartsadhvis-swiss-raspberry-tart

Get the following ingredients ready:

  • whole hazelnuts or almonds or walnuts  chopped up, maybe a cup, enough to cover the bottom of the tart
  • 1-1.5 cups of organic half and half poured into a pyrex glass
  • 2 eggs whisked into mixture.  Add a bit of vanilla and sugar if you are making a sweet tart.  I also grind some sea salt, just a bit, into this.

Now take the tart crust out of its parchment paper and roll it out to a size fitting your pan.  You may have to work with it a bit to form it.  Preheat oven to 425 F.  Poke the bottom all over with a fork.  Add the chopped nuts on the bottom,  arrange fruit (I like apples or pears the best) or vegetables (if you are making a savory tart) nicely, and pour the mixture over nuts and fruit or vegetables.  Bake in oven for about 40 min. Take a look and sprinkle some brown sugar on top (if sweet) or some grated swiss cheese (if savory).  Enjoy!