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A Winter Storm, Oh No!



Friends and loved ones have been calling all day, asking if we’re OK.  The weather is varying to say the least, and while we are getting snow, we aren’t getting the ice that is making a lot of the state and south of us treacherous, so yes, we are OK.

With the media making THE WEATHER one big, bad monster, I just want to say that I love the four seasons, and I love snow.

Especially the kind that makes it look like a New England postcard, the kind that it is coming down covering everything right now.  And the kind that will be gone in a day or so.

The only weather site I will look at is Ray’s Weather, since he is like a big brother (not Big Brother) telling me what to expect, without the fear factor.  Thank you Ray.

It’s quiet out.  No on is on the streets.  Everyone is going to be staying at home tonight, reading, watching movies, coloring, sitting next to a fire with a cat on their lap, and eating some warm and comforting food.  Oh, and we will all sleep in tomorrow morning.  The whole town.  Nice.



Cleaning up some of my photos this afternoon, I came across the ones from the Beach taken this past October.  I loved looking at them, and remembering…

The feel of the water on my bare feet, and the quiet that I felt with the sound of the ocean around all the time.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Yeah, I love it all.

(Hey, I think I just wrote a poem 🙂 )