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Vivian’s Finds


I purchase most of my food at our local Food Coop. There is something about being in a real Health Food Store that just feels good. You just feel the integrity and not just the profit margins. They have the best selection of bulk items like coffee, herbs, and grains, and, almost everything in the store is organic.

So while I try to avoid Whole Foods as much as possible because it’s so corporate and I don’t trust it (it’s definitely not a “Health Food Store”), I do buy their “365 Almond Milk” right now because it’s the only organic almond milk I can find.


Oh, I found this great makeup line at Sally’s Beauty Supply called Palladio. It’s not organic but it is very clean with no animal testing. It was so cheap (like $6 cheap) that I thought I’d give the lip-liner and lipstick a try, and I love it. I like the way it looks, smells and feels, and the packaging doesn’t look or feel cheap; it looks like expensive makeup.


What else? I’ve always juiced, and use a Champion that I got from a neighbor that is in excellent condition. I juice carrots, beets, celery, ginger, apples, and greens about every other day. I have always wanted a Vitamix, but they are about $500 and used ones are just a little cheaper.

Many of my friends are using a Ninja, which is just as powerful as a Vitamix.  So I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and was looking at “The Magic Bullet” and the other powerful little blenders. I asked the saleswoman for suggestions and lucky for me, she happened to be a juicer and she recommended the Ninja Pulse (it’s the white one for $79.99). It has many functions but the feature that I love is that I can make a single serving, which is the size of a large glass. It is so easy to use and clean: you just throw everything in it, including flax seeds (it completely grinds them), screw the cap on (which has the blades attached to it), put it on the little blender for a few seconds and take it off. That’s it – you just have the glass and cap to rinse off – it’s so easy! You can even put carrots in if you add a little liquid.


It doesn’t extract juice like the Champion, but instead it blends it so you still have all the fiber, which I like. I always have some frozen bananas or strawberries in the freezer so when I want ice cream or sorbet I just throw some frozen fruit and a little Almond Milk and I have ice cream. The other thing I like about the Ninja Pulse is it takes up very little counter space because it’s so small. I paid $64.00 plus tax because at Bed Bath and Beyond you get 20% off with their coupons – it’s a great investment!

Until next time…

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Everything’s Relative: Thoughts on Weight and Size

Oops50 is happy to welcome a new guest writer this week:  Cheryl Dietrich.  Cheryl is a retired Air Force officer, living and writing in Asheville, NC.  Her book, In Formation: What the Air Force Taught Me about Holding On and Manning Up is awaiting publication.  You can read more of her work at www.cheryldietrich.net.  


I have a friend who’s a size zero. We met years ago in the Air Force. She told me about having to have her uniforms tailored specifically for her, about the inconvenience and the expense. I didn’t tell her that I entered the Air Force in my size twelve-ness, only to discover that Air Force uniforms were made small. So I had to buy fourteens, but even they were too tight. They clung to every round part, of which I have always had plenty. 

 Still I stubbornly stuck to size fourteen, though I often felt I would bust a seam. And one day I did:  a gentle parting of the ways right up the back of my pants—hilarious on TV but a horror of humiliation when it happens to you. Not that it was dramatic, merely a small slit, not (I insist on believing) apparent to anyone else. I quickly threw my coat on to cover it up. That little rip drove me to military clothing sales where I purchased my first size sixteen.

My friend and I went clothes shopping one day. She bemoaned the difficulty of finding clothing in her size.

 “What’s below a size zero?” I asked.

 “You go to the little girls’ department. And good luck finding anything there.”

As a general rule, the smaller the size, the more expensive the store or clothing line. My friend had to shop at specialty stores and boutiques, expensive places to buy clothing. Most of these stores had nothing above a size ten. When I flipped through items on the racks, worried-looking clerks hovered near me, as if they thought lipids would ooze out of my pores and soil the clothes.

Pant Sizes Chart

I have another friend, a civilian, who’s proud to be a bleeding-heart do-gooder, an old-fashioned liberal and newfangled progressive–a good, kind woman, tall and thin. We were at lunch one day, sitting on an outside patio, a light breeze playing around us. I’d resisted my urge for enchiladas and was trying to enjoy a fresh salad with salmon. My friend studied a group of women at another table, then sighed and turned back to me.

“You know,” she said, “I think I’m being honest when I say I don’t have any prejudices toward any group of people. Except one:  fat people.” She laughed, shrugged, and took another bite.

I nibbled on a piece of lettuce and thought: It’s official:  fat is now the acceptable bias. 



Love One Another Right Now


This past week was intense.  We’d been having days and weeks with highs in the upper 70’s, temperatures that make this part of the planet enjoyable as winter approaches. Then the temperature dropped to the upper 30’s, and the wind didn’t stop for 3 days. I didn’t sleep much, because wind is something that makes me nervous. The power flickered, but didn’t go out.
I felt so much compassion and love when I started to see the pictures of the storm’s damage named, Sandy. It seemed unreal. I don’t know if it has anything to do with global warming, or if Romney did it, or if the full moon made the tides higher than usual, but I felt uneasy.
I have friends and relatives who were affected by the storm. I’m sure you know people too.
When things like this happen, I feel that we all become connected.  Our hearts open and there is this stream of compassion going towards the place where people need comforted.
The other  thing that seemed to happen was that for those days the 2012 presidential race and all those name-calling nonsense ads and news stories seemed to take a back seat to the devastation and destruction.  I think just about everyone I know has had just about enough of it already anyway, right?  I can’t wait until it’s over next week.

Here’s a little clip I saw of someone who shares my feelings exactly:

And one last thing before I go is that while I was only a kid during the 60’s, many of the songs during that time left their impact. The words made sense and the music was good.  Here’s one that I remembered recently that I love to hear, even today.  It’s by the Youngbloods, with Jessie Colin Young singing lead vocal.
Take a listen, feel the message, because it’s high time to love one another right now.