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Oops50 Sadhvi Loves Hibernating, Raspberries, and John Travolta


It’s still winter and yes, I still feel like hibernating.  With the temperature in the 50’s with sunshine this past week (month? winter?), we spent time outside trimming the fruit and flowering bushes.  I am smitten with raspberries.  And gooseberries and currants and blueberries too.  So to get the best harvest, I will do what it takes to make them thrive.

I really like making elderberry syrup too, but have had to buy elderberries since ours have not done well.  It turns out they don’t like root competition, and there were many creeping vines entangling theirs, along with an old black walnut tree that was still alive, right above.  So we dug them up and moved all 6 of them to a better place.  It was quite a chore, but we like physical work, and since this is something that needed to be done now for several years, it felt good once finished.

I’ve started to think about the things I want to grow in the garden, and where they will be. Today I’ll be planting some slow-growing things like “celery root”, from seed.  It takes a long time, and I don’t find the young plants at the markets around here much.  And, planting from seed is just so simple.

It’s planting time until next week. I’ll be placing poppy seeds around the beds now too…already getting excited to see their beauty in a few months.

I found this clip a few days ago (above).  I grew up in an era of incredible music.  I knew what psychedelic meant without having to take acid, because I listened to the music of those that did.  And, I was about 11 years old when the song “White Bird” by It’s a Beautiful Day came out and wasn’t exactly in the position of scoring any good stuff.  I was more into reading and coloring.  That sounds so old-fashioned, doesn’t it?  Reading and coloring…

But when it was time to dance, disco was coming on the scene and that’s what got me out of my chair.  Seeing John Travolta dance in “Saturday Night Fever” back in 1977 was the beginning of the thrill of seeing him dance in every movie he’s made after that.  Do watch the clip.  It’s good to feel something good these days.  Enjoy!

Sadhvi Loves Poppies!


It’s the 4th of July tomorrow, so before the summer is over, I want to share some pictures of the poppies that came up this spring in my garden.

I think I might have one or two that are blooming right now, but most are gone.  I’ve seen a couple of birds eating the seeds out of the pods, which helps the seeds to spread.   I always save some seeds to give to others…there is always more than enough poppy seeds to go around!

I picked my favorite pictures so I hope you enjoy them.  For me, having some joy in my life is important.  I don’t think I would be still around at 52 if I didn’t!  So I have planted my garden only with the flowers that make me happy.  It’s one of the main reasons that I love living in Western North Carolina.  It has such a long growing season.  Oh, one of the best sources of poppy seeds to plant is the online store onestoppoppyshoppe.  Seriously, this is the place to go and get you some poppy seeds!  They have an amazing selection…just looking through their online store is a simple delight!

So, on with the show…it really was a spectacular season of poppies!


Gardening and Poppies!

Hello, and welcome to my first post on the Oops50 blog.  My name is Sadhvi, and I want to share secret recipes, things that are useful, and things that make me happy.
At this time of year, something that will make me happy very soon is one of my favorite flowers, the poppy!

I have hundreds of them that are getting ready to open.  And I can’t wait.  Even saying their names (like “Early Grey” and “Watermelon”) makes me smile.

I love looking at poppies.  Maybe it’s because they are so shy and unassuming before they open up.  I almost don’t even see the buds!  Maybe it’s because they don’t last for long.  Or maybe it’s because each one makes me stop and be filled with wonder and awe.

The anticipation is a wonderful experience…that’s the great aspect of planting from seed!  I like to take pictures of my poppies so that when I share the seeds with family and friends, they know what to expect.

These wonderful flowers are so special that everyone should have some in their garden.  Like any flower or living thing, if you give them what they need, they will flourish.