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Sadhvi Sez: Save the Delaware River Basin and Abigail Washburn


These days I am increasingly aware of how much information I take in while not reading newspapers nor having any TV to watch.  It’s all from the internet.

So, with this post, I want to share a personal sigh of relief:

President Obama has delayed the Keystone XL Pipeline! Say thanks, and ask him to reject it once and for all.

And to bring awareness to another MAJOR issue that is going to affect a whole lot of people.  People who happen to be my family.  My friends.  Maybe yours too?

It’s about a decision to start drilling in land that will affect the Delaware River basin after a long moratorium.  Not just one drill, but a LOT of drilling.  Just the idea that lots and lots of fracking is about to occur, and that the Delaware River basin is going to be affected by all the chemicals that will flow into it makes me nauseous.

I could pretend that it’s all awesome and that it won’t be that bad, but instead, I choose to bring awareness to it.  And for those of you who are afraid of awareness, don’t be.  Because in times like this, it’s OK to to notice and say that the Emperor is not exactly fully clothed.

You might not be able to physically participate, but you can call to say something.

Call the Governors from the member states and President Obama Monday – Friday from 8-6pm.

Just tell them,

“Hello, I am calling you to express my serious concerns about hydrofracking.  Please Don’t Drill the Delaware!”

Governor Christie’s office:609-292-6000

Governor Cuomo’s office: 518-474-8390

Gov Corbett’s office: 717-787-2500

Gov Markell’s Wilmington Office: 302-577-3210

And the White House comment line: 202-456-1111

In case you don’t really feel like it, you might after you watch Josh Fox‘s video of what is at stake.


And lastly, I was listening to some NPR on the radio in my car the other night, and a singer came on and spoke, and then sang and played.  She is not a newbie to the music scene, but she is new to me.

Abigail Washburn.  I really liked what I heard. I felt comforted.

And these days, it is about finding the balance between being aware of how fragile it all is, and moments of comfort and joy.

Wishing you Well,




Happy Holidays from Oops50!


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this,
and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.

A friend of mine sent me this as part of her holiday greeting this year, and I love it.  It sums up how I’m feeling about things these days.  This has been such a stressful year for so many people, with the economy’s troubles hitting people directly in the pocketbook and on their nerves!  It has made it difficult at times to feel very optimistic (and I’m speaking on a personal level)—and even harder to take a minute to just breathe in and breathe out.  I feel that I’ve been running around this whole year, chasing my tail, figuring that if I just moved faster or worked harder, things would somehow turn out better!

Well, birds are soaring outside my window today.  And we are due to have snow on Christmas—a white Christmas for the first time in at least 15 years!  Our Congress just passed some major legislation to make our world a better place:  the Stark treaty to limit nuclear proliferation, medical coverage for 9/11 rescue workers, and getting rid (finally) of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”   Too bad they couldn’t find the nerve to pass the Dream Act!  More good news:  home sales are up for the first time; teen births and our national crime rate are down.

So, I want our readers to take a minute with me and remember to breathe in and out, especially during the holidays!   And while I’m at it, all of us at Oops50 want to thank all our readers, advertisers, and guest writers for their comments and support this year.  It’s been a good year for us:  our numbers of subscribers are up; we’re reaching a wider audience of women over 50 around the globe; and we got noticed by Oprah Winfrey!  Life is good!  And we owe it to all of you.  To those who read us and never commented or subscribed, we hope you’ll take that big step into cyberspace next year and do it. To those who happen upon us from time to time, welcome!  A big Thank You from all of us at Oops 50!  In case you don’t know it, we love you!

And here is to breathing in and out in 2011!!!

Feeling Invisible? Wanna Tell Oprah?

 Here at Oops50, we received notification from the Oprah Winfrey show (yes, we are on her people’s radar!!!) that they are going to do a show on the subject of women feeling “invisible” with age.  They wanted us to tell our “Beautiful Women over 50” readers, in case someone feels this subject speaks directly to her and would like to go on television to talk about it.  The application process involves writing your story (2000 words or less) and uploading your picture.  Here’s the description from their website posting:   

 Were you the beauty queen or always the prettiest girl in the room – and now that you’re losing your looks, you feel you’ve lost your sense of self?  Did you always rely on your beauty to get what you wanted?  Without your looks, do you feel like you have nothing to fall back on?  Were you always able to coast on your looks and never had to work hard to get a job or to do well in school?  Maybe you felt like you didn’t have to be smart or develop other skills because you were pretty?  Was all the male attention you received a big part of your self worth and identity?  Do you often think back on how easy life was for you when you were a knockout?  Do you now feel invisible when you were once the center of attention?  Perhaps now that you no longer feel as beautiful, you feel you have lost your self-worth or self-esteem?  Are you or someone you know terrified of losing your looks?  Are you having a hard time aging?  Are you obsessed with looking gorgeous and feel that without your looks, you are struggling to find your purpose in life?  Have you had plastic surgery to try to look how you did in your twenties?  If you are a woman who is coping with losing the one thing you always relied on – your looks – we want to hear from you.  Please tell us your story. 
If you are interested in applying, here’s the link:
But keep in mind, don’t apply unless you are “willing to appear on television!”