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This Beautiful Life

3 Peonles
3 Peonles















It’s been a while since my last post, but with family emergencies, work, and trying to figure out the weather to be able to put my garden in, all I can say is, where has the spring-time gone?!

So much has been going on for all of us, that it’s nice to take some time to appreciate what happens all on its own in nature – without us doing anything.

Since moving into our house in 2002, I’ve been watching the way the light moves, seeing what can go here, what would look good there, and now, after all these years, the flowers and trees and plants are happy where they are and are just doing their thing – bringing a pure joy and happiness that makes my heart open.

Believe me, I am not going to enter any contests, nor will I be posting these on the hundreds of sites where I could “share” them.

I can’t handle the crazy things that are going on right now, I don’t want to comment and write about the things that don’t make sense…all I want to do is to share what I see coming up and blooming in my garden.

Enjoy this Beautiful Life.



Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy

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I’m Beginning to Feel Old


I have not felt like sharing much in the last month or so…not on FB, not on Instagram, not on Google+, not on nothing.  How about you?  You don’t have to answer that, I was just being facetious.

Lately, I hear the word “awesome” being used to describe just about every feeling, item of food, and life situation that one can experience.  And the other day, I heard my first “Super-Awesome!”, which is how the women behind the counter described a tea-towel with hand-stamped chickens on it.  I mean, it was nice, but it was not “Super-Awesome”!

Maybe it’s the equivalet of the word “Cool” that we used to describe everthing back in the day.  There was not, however, so much positive and prozac-y emotion put into it, and frankly, it makes uncomfortable.

If my generation was low-key, this one is high-strung and often, not there, but still “awesome”.

I am easily annoyed these days, and I think it has something to do with the fact that everything seems to be changing so much.

For instance, I used to enjoy being greeted by salespeople, and to start interacting with them in a fun, easy-going way.  But no one does that these days.  The new way to interact is through “social media”, which to me, is just another way for company’s to sell gadgets, devices, and toy’s to the masses.  That’s about all it is about, really.  We are just consumers in the end, playing “awesome” games, and being hooked to our TV’s iPads, mini iPad’s, smartphones, and sharing everything we got via FB.

I guess I miss relating in the way that satisfied me way back when: in person, on the phone, or in a letter.  Yeah, I am getting old.

I do talk to a lot of younger people, and I am always amused when I hear them say they are “getting off of the gadget thing”, or, “nah, I don’t do FaceBook anymore”, as if they are drugs, which of course, they are.

Despite all the changes and Grand-T conjuctions, and the U.N. saying that it’s either clean up the planet or die, well, I do take time to feel grateful for things in my life, as crazy as it feels to me.

If nothing else, it makes me feel more vulnerable and small and human.  And since I don’t have to worry about going over my minutes, or recharging my device to feel that, I like it.  In fact, it’s awesome. 🙂

Take a look at the video…try it, you’ll like it.

Sadhvi Sez: Being Grateful is Getting Easier


I know I am not the oldest living woman in the world, but I’ve started to notice a lot of people are dying. Like: Bee Gee Robin Gibb, Donna Summer, Ray Bradbury, Bob Welch from the original Fleetwood Mac, Doc Watson, and someone I didn’t know much about, the beloved Hawaiian elder, Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea, who recently passed away. She was not very well-known and doesn’t have a wiki page and probably never had a FB, linkedin, pinterest, or Google+ account either. But when I saw this clip of her (below) I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d share.

Kumu talks about “being love”, and sings a chant for the appreciation of life.

Getting older and still being alive and healthy makes me want to smile, and, well, be love!

Take a look and listen to her words and voice and I bet you a dollar that you will feel the same after you do.

Heck, let’s start a new movement and call it “Be Love”.  Starting now…


Sadhvi Shares: Nan and Me


There are a handful of people I’ve met that have touched me deeply, and Nan is one of those. I met her in my freshman year at a college in a small town in Ohio way back in the fall of 1976.

That period is my least favorite in my entire life. In fact, Melinda, another long-time friend from way back in high school who went with me to Miami, feels the same. We have this ongoing argument as to who was the one who convinced the other to go to this college. And I know it was her who convinced me!

I first met Nan in the laundry room of the dormitory of McCracken Hall. I think I took Nan’s clothes out of the dryer, and she came in and asked what I was doing, and I yelled at her. I don’t remember really, but she does! I guess I like to show my strong emotional side (some have called it bitchiness) right away, as a sort of test. Wow, that was over 35 years ago, and whatever bond was made, it is still there.

It turns out that Nan thinks I am funny, and I think she is funny. That’s important to me. No one can be my friend if they don’t have the same sense of humor as me. I feel understood by her, and often communicated with her back then without talking. I know from experience that we are all multidimensional beings, and that language is overrated. Just ask my husband. I feel the same about Karen, who is in the picture on the lower right. I hope to write about her sometime soon.

I tend to have this curious nature in general,  and value my friends opinions for new things and good products.

So I asked Nan a few questions:

What was the name of the first record you ever bought?

Hmmm, let me think a moment. Oh, it was Sukiyaki, the song that came out in 1963 that was sung in Japanese. My mom couldn’t stand it; it drove her crazy!


What is your favorite lipstick?

I usually use the Clinique freebies that they give out. And then, for special times, I have this one from Guerlain that is a little luxury, because it is so expensive (LIKE ALMOST $50!), and the case is so over the top, but the color and the way it makes my lips feel is really great. I really wish Guerlain would make it cheaper by not having the heavy metal case and mirror.

Which group did you like more growing up, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Oh definitely The Beatles. There was something that I found dark and disturbing about the Rolling Stones.

What is the one thing you have to put on or have on that makes you feel good about leaving the house?


Well, I guess it would be my perfume. I like this one called “Artemesia” by Penhaligon. I use it all the time. It smells really clean. In the winter, I like to use this one called “For Her” by Narciso Rodriguez.  My sister, Tina, says that it smell like “sex on a stick”.

Thanks for sharing Nan. I still think my friends are cool, even if we are getting older! I’m really looking forward to this summer’s get-together. Melinda? Tina? Teresa? Mary Ann? Are you guys coming?  Karen has a pool.





Oops50 Sadhvi Loves Hibernating, Raspberries, and John Travolta


It’s still winter and yes, I still feel like hibernating.  With the temperature in the 50’s with sunshine this past week (month? winter?), we spent time outside trimming the fruit and flowering bushes.  I am smitten with raspberries.  And gooseberries and currants and blueberries too.  So to get the best harvest, I will do what it takes to make them thrive.

I really like making elderberry syrup too, but have had to buy elderberries since ours have not done well.  It turns out they don’t like root competition, and there were many creeping vines entangling theirs, along with an old black walnut tree that was still alive, right above.  So we dug them up and moved all 6 of them to a better place.  It was quite a chore, but we like physical work, and since this is something that needed to be done now for several years, it felt good once finished.

I’ve started to think about the things I want to grow in the garden, and where they will be. Today I’ll be planting some slow-growing things like “celery root”, from seed.  It takes a long time, and I don’t find the young plants at the markets around here much.  And, planting from seed is just so simple.

It’s planting time until next week. I’ll be placing poppy seeds around the beds now too…already getting excited to see their beauty in a few months.

I found this clip a few days ago (above).  I grew up in an era of incredible music.  I knew what psychedelic meant without having to take acid, because I listened to the music of those that did.  And, I was about 11 years old when the song “White Bird” by It’s a Beautiful Day came out and wasn’t exactly in the position of scoring any good stuff.  I was more into reading and coloring.  That sounds so old-fashioned, doesn’t it?  Reading and coloring…

But when it was time to dance, disco was coming on the scene and that’s what got me out of my chair.  Seeing John Travolta dance in “Saturday Night Fever” back in 1977 was the beginning of the thrill of seeing him dance in every movie he’s made after that.  Do watch the clip.  It’s good to feel something good these days.  Enjoy!