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SadhviSez “It’s “Blog Action Day” October 15th 2009!



Today is the annual Blog Action Day www.blogactionday.org held every October 15th uniting the world’s bloggers and their posts on the same issue,  the same day, with the aim of sparking discussion of global importance.  Blog Action Day 2009 will be one of the largest-ever social change events on the web.  This year, it’s all about Climate Change.  And this is what I have to say about it:

Yes the climate is changing.  But really, so is everyone and everything including me.  Every second really.  I think the climate was always changing…and the whole planet, since the beginning of time, for that matter.  But these days there seems to be not only a question, but a movement regarding how to stop it.  The changes happening are pretty apparent to me, and I do believe that by 2012 things will be even more so.  There are lots of opinions and of course very strong feelings on both sides.  I have family members who don’t think there is any climate change happening.  I have other friends who are stock piling again (remember Y2K?) so that when the end comes, they will have food.  I don’t want to get into who is right and who is not, because there is no right or wrong.  You have some things that, if easy, might be something that you want to have some fun with.  After all, life is for learning and as a human being who has a certain awareness level that is more than a slug, these 3 things might be something to try, and will actually help to emit less carbon omissions in the process!

1.  GROW SOME OF YOUR OWN FOOD!!!  If you have some dirt, or some space for  pots on your balcony, you should try gardening. It’s actually more addicting and satisfying than FaceBook.

 2.  EAT 3 MEALS AND DO NOT EAT AT ANY FAST FOOD PLACES!!! Ok, you have to work 2 jobs, you’re having a hard time making ends meet, and you think you have to eat fast food because you have no time to cook. Wrong! Fast Food is not good food for your body, it is expensive, and it will not be satisfying. So eat a breakfast, pack a lunch, and sit down and eat some dinner, hopefully cooked by someone who loves you.

 3.) And the last is easy, if you are lucky enough to be in a town that has access to local organic farms and food like I do: BUY LOCAL and become a LOCOVORE!!!