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Sadhvi’s “Sally” Chickens


A few days ago I uploaded my first YouTube video. I’d been wondering how to do that for a few years now. Well, it turns out that it’s a simple thing, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot more videos, but I promise, they won’t be of me flossing, or eating breakfast, or any of the FB kind of nonsense!


We got some baby chicks this past May. The “Black Stars” that were not so common when we got our first batch back in 2002 now seem to be very popular because when we placed our order in March, they were back-ordered until the middle of May. It might be on account of the feed/egg-laying ratio being one of the best with this breed. With the price of feed going up, the amount of eggs that one gets should be a goodly amount.

A friend who said he would split the flock and take half of the 24 came over to tell us that he was going off to Costa Rica, so we’ve been feeding and trying to get used to double our normal (and very comfortable) number of hens.

They were supposed to start laying a few weeks ago. Seeing no eggs, I thought that our hens might be sterile. Oh no! That would mean taking them all to the market, where someone would bid on them for supper.

I decided to take my first YouTube video of them, to send to my family and friends, urging them with all the love I could muster in my heart, and more or less let them know that it was time to start laying.

The day after I shot this, the 2nd egg came, and then the 3rd, and now, today, I’ve already got 6. – I think my fears of sterile “Sally” hens can be put to rest.