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10 Thoughts on Learning that I am going to be a Grandmother!


My thoughts on learning that I am going to be a Grandmother are as follows:

1. Blank.
2. Blank.
3. Gasp.  Breathe, girl!
4. Searching…
5. What will my new name (the name that will stick to me for the rest of my life on earth) be?  Please not anything with “aw” on the end.
6. Am I really old enough for this to be happening to me? I knew my husband was getting older, but…
7. She will love IT more than she loves me (pout).
8.  How can SHE have a baby?  She’s still MY baby!
9. Look at her.  Her face is shining.  I know that feeling…my face must look like my mother’s face did when I told her for the first time.
10. I will love it instantly.  At first because it’s part of her.  Then just because I love it.
11. Life has become infinitely more complicated–and interesting–in the last 7 seconds.

Okay, so I had more than 10 thoughts in a row.  This doesn’t happen every day.  I just had to write them all!

Julia Coward lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, in a house made entirely of dog hair.  She has held many varied and interesting  jobs in her career as a person, but her favorite has always been raising and caring for people and pets in all different ages and stages of life.  Plants have to fend for themselves.