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Annice’s Angle


In honor of Blog Action Day 2009, www.blogactionday.org  I’m writing in solidarity with this on-line event that unites bloggers worldwide around one topic.  This year’s topic is Climate Change.  Why?  Because it not only threatens our environment now, it threatens our environment for generations to come.

I’m not an expert on climate change, nor is my life free of environmental sins.  I’m still evolving.  Being aware is always the first step.  Several weeks ago, I attended the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference www.sewisewoman.com where over 500 women came together in the exquisite mountains of Western North Carolina to practice and preserve the Wise Woman Tradition through simple living, earth-based healing, and local plants.  I want to take this space to salute the woman who founded the conference, Corinna Wood, herbalist, teacher, and friend.  The SEWHC is a place where women can celebrate an entire week-end honoring Mother Earth, and there’s always 2010.


 There were many take aways from the conference, and I’d like to share one that is healing and easy.  Susun Weed, the herbal guru for women, was the keynote speaker, and she impressed on us menopausal and post menopausal women the importance of drinking herbal infusions.  I’d like to share two infusions that I am preparing routinely.  So, throw away those teabags and start drinking fresh herbal teas.  My favroite two are:

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