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Cinderfella and Other Wonderful Things


This is going to be a short post today because the events of this week have been so totally depressing and discouraging. The folks in Washington voted down background checks; there were the awful events in Boston and in West, Texas. It’s enough to make you want to wring your hands or cry or give up. But here are three things that are keeping my spirits up tonight:
1) The pictures of all the people helping others in Boston.
2) The fact that my youngest daughter is right now in the back room, watching Jerry Lewis in the 1960 comedy “Cinderfella” on TV and laughing out loud! (That was one of my favorite movies when I was little, but I figured there was no way it could stand the test of time, but there is my daughter, watching and laughing.)
3) The fact that New Zealand just voted to legalize gay marriage–and the crowds watching the vote burst out into a Maori love song in celebration.
Check out the video below. My sister sent it to me today, and it’s so sweet.
Life is good.