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“Happy Mother’s Day,” A Poem

My sister, Pattie Bosman Schlabs, submitted this poem to us for Mother’s Day.  I realize it’s a little late, but I want to post it anyway, since it speaks to any mother of grown or nearly-grown children.  Pattie is a wonderfully creative visual artist who teaches art and art history at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, Maryland.  She is also the mother of 3 incredible, now grown kids.  Here’s a picture of her with her first grand-baby, Ophelia Mae Baker.


My sister Pattie








Happy this day to accept
Problems beyond comprehension,
Beyond solving,
Beyond changing,
To sit home at night,
Because they’re out and might
Have to call,
Though they don’t call as promised
When they get there,
If they get there.
Most likely they did,
Chances are they’re there,
Concerned with their own unsolvable problems,
The ones you just guess at,
Of which you are one–
You hope the biggest one,
Happy if you’re the only one.