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Question of the Week: What Was Your First Rock Concert?


Okay, so this one will really date me!  My very first rock concert was the Beatles live in Baltimore on their first American tour, September 13, 1964, at the Civic Center.  I wasn’t even supposed to go because my mother thought I was too young to really enjoy it—since I was only in the fifth grade—but then, after reading more about how famous these four guys were becoming, she decided this might turn out to be something historic, so I should go along.  (My mother hadn’t liked the Beatles at first, but all that changed after she saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show.)   I’d heard the Beatles’ songs for months, since my sisters had been playing them over and over again on our record player in the basement.  I was  particularly thrilled, I remember, to hear “‘Till There Was You,” the love song from “The Music Man,” done by Paul McCartney.  My favorite line was “But I never saw them winging…” because it was so precious  how he pronounced it “sawr.”

The Poster for the Show

Here is what I remember about the concert:  girls screaming and pulling on their hair; the whole hall being so loud that you could barely hear them sing, but you could hear every word of “She Loves You,”  since it was so loud.  The crowd went crazy and sang along with the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

Paul and the Gang
Check out the man and his son!

Most of all, I remember falling in love with Paul McCartney.  I wasn’t too young for that.  I thought he was the cutest boy I had ever seen in my whole life, and when he spoke in interviews on television, I thought I was going to die.  I hate to say it, but he still has that effect on me, even now, when he is pretending to be an old man.

Apparently, tickets cost $3.75 each.  And the Beatles stayed at the Holiday Inn!  I came home from that concert and joined the Beatles Fan Club—I still have my membership button!



Now it’s your turn!  Please, share a story of your first rock concert with us. 

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