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Sadhvi Sez: House of Building, Home-made Chocolate Cake, and Morning Glory’s


Life sure is interesting these days, ain’t it? I seem to be taking care of my “bucket list” without even thinking about it. For instance, I’ve always wanted to make a layer cake for someone’s birthday, instead of one in a 13″ x 9″ pan. Not that there’s anything wrong with a rectangular cake, but I just wanted to make a layer cake for as long as I can remember.
It’s a chocolate cake with a 7-minute frosting and some coconut sprinkled on it. It turned out so good! I know just about everyone can and has done this baking feat. But now, so have I:)

I also went on a trip to visit family and friends in Ohio earlier this summer by myself. It was great to get away. To jump out of my normal, day-to-day workaholic life.

It IS still summer, right? I know that some places are just starting their summer; like in Switzerland. And Seattle is having a heat wave with temperatures coming close to the 90 degree mark. Bring it on Kali Yuga!


Here it feels like fall is just around the corner. Oh, you say that fall IS just around the corner? Oh, that’s right, it is! It’s foggy in the morning, but then, around 10am or so, the sun usually comes out, and it’s another beautiful day. And I even saw yellow fallen leaves on my walk tonight for the first time.

Before I forget, let it be known that I get thrilled driving over bridges. I am filled with wonder and awe, knowing that some person designed it, and then, a whole lot of men built it. Bridges are amazing. I wanted to share a picture I took while driving over a bridge somewhere around Sandusky, Ohio.


Yes, I did take the picture with one hand on the wheel, but it was my dominant hand. I think.

So now you know why I will never get a smart phone, nor will I ever text. Because while mobile device’s have changed the world in which we live, it would be the end of mine.

It was so good to get away (did I say that already?). I don’t think I’ve been on vacation, let alone get out of area, for almost 2 years. I found that while I enjoy going back to the place that I grew up, where everyone looks like me, acts like me, has the same strange sense of humor as me, and seems to love me, it is good to come back to the place that I call home.

I’m going to test Mother Nature and plant some of the blue, blue morning glory’s tomorrow, in the hope that I will get some of those wonderful flowers before the cold weather sets in. “They” are saying that it’s gonna be a cold one. But, with a little luck, I will be posting some of those pictures around Thanksgiving!


Oh, and not wanting to be a music snob or anything, I just want to say that I don’t like a lot of the new music. Sorry. I am from Cleveland, remember? However, I recently listened to some music that some friend’s made, and it kind of made me sit up and take notice.

The group is called “House of Building”. Scott shot the clip. He is so cool. The rest of the band is also way cool. And Frieda has the voice of Nina Simone. Really. So if you know someone who is connected to the music industry, please pass this clip on to them. The world could use some good music. Amen.

Oops50: Farmer Nancy Shares a Pet Peeve


I miss Andy Rooney, and, in tribute to him, I am going to air one of my pet peeves.  I’ve gotten so I read through the obituaries, partly for that feeling of having won a little lottery when I don’t see anyone’s name I know (so at this point, I still win a lot) and partly to read about strangers’ lives and marvel at the detail in some of them.  I have to admit that I also look to see mentions of a beloved pet left behind.  I do that with wedding announcements, too, and feel instantly connected when I see a pet in the picture with the happy couple.  I guess I should disclose that my dog “Pasha Bird” shared space with me in my college yearbook.

But, back to obituaries!  Often I see a picture of a young person staring out at me, and I gasp to myself, thinking, “how sad,” but then, when reading on, I discover the person is actually way past 60.  It happened just today in the Chapel Hill News.

Are we trying to say we are now forever young?  I don’t get it.  There was a flapper not long ago in the Raleigh paper, hair flattened down with tight curls, in a roaring twenties dress.  So, of course she was in her nineties.  Would any of our current acquaintances recognize us if we put our high school picture in our announcement?  Is it the families that do this?  Or do we, upon reaching a certain age, pick out our best shot from fifty years ago and designate it as our ‘parting’ shot?

I can see that some people may just not have a more current picture, but in this digital day and age, I would think they would be in the minority.

So, for heaven’s sake, anybody who doesn’t have a recent picture, please ask your grand kids to snap one of you, so we won’t have to move you through all three focal levels in our glasses to figure out even that we knew you!

Now I’m going to look up Andy’s obit to see what his picture was like.  Here it is:









My African Adventure: Part III

I’m back home, safe and sound, so I thought I would just give the highlights of the trip.  I’m still a little jet lagged, so bear with me if I repeat myself.  The pictures, by the way, come courtesy of my photographer daughter, Josie!

1) Seeing a mother warthog with her 3 babies:

2) Seeing a herd of elephants rolling in the mud under a hot, hot sun at Madikwe Game Reserve:

3) Watching the sun set at Tuli Game Reserve while elephant shrews and lizards ran around the rocks at our feet:


4) Visiting the little town of Serowe, with its fabulous museum that features a room dedicated to the life of novelist Bessie Head, as well as great exhibits about the Khama family (rulers of Botswana over the years):

5) Seeing a leopard—a very rare sighting—out for an evening stroll and watching lions drinking at a watering hole:


6) Catching a mother and baby rhino in our spotlight on our night drive through Khama Rhino Sanctuary

7) Playing “Categories” with my girls while waiting for our afternoon safari drive at Tuli, while a monkey stole our opened can of tuna fish!

8) Realizing that we probably weren’t going to die out in the wilderness, even though our 2-wheel drive rented car was having considerable difficulty navigating the sandy roads at Khama and the rocky, potholed roads at Tuli

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Sadhvi Sez: When Joni Mitchell was singing with James Taylor


I honestly don’t feel like there is a small gap between me and the next generation any more.  It  feels too big to say that. 

I don’t like FaceBook much any more either.  In fact, I find myself wanting to be on the computer less and less, but more and more time is spent there.  Hmm.

I’ve been trying and cannot seem to take a break from my computer and cell phone for even one day.  It is a true addiction.  Just wondering, how many hours do you spend on your computer each day?

One night this past week, my husband and I were making dinner together.  I am cranky by nature, and people who know me understand.  I mean, I am not used to having him around helping me in my, I mean, our kitchen, so he put on an old Cat Stevens CD, and within a few minutes I found myself in a really nice space.  Music will do that to me.  I imagine my Mom and Dad had similar experiences, but with Buddy Holly

So I am getting old – damn it!  Since there isn’t much I can do about it, except whine a little from time to time, I want to share another song that takes me back to a time that makes me feel relaxed and in a mellow space.  Enjoy!


Joni Mitchell playing with James Taylor, singing background harmony on the song: “You can close your Eyes”.