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Happy New Year from Oops50.com


It’s been 3 years since we started Oops50.com and I confess I had to search our archives to verify the date we started.  Can you believe I couldn’t’ remember?  I don’t feel too bad about it because neither could my Oops50 posse – Jane or Sadhvi.

And what a journey it’s been. We got to meet (virtually) so many baby boomer women from all over the world who not only took the time to post comments on our blog or FaceBook page but also shared their stories and life experiences with us as guest writers.

I wish I could say I became tech savvy because of this blog – I did not.  I still slog through all the social media marketing tips and don’t ever seem to gain any new awareness in that field. Forget that it changes second by second and I can scarcely remember all my passwords. In fact, I signed up for Instagram a month ago and now can’t even remember my log in name to use it. Pinterest? I don’t think so.

On a positive note, last week Jane, Sadhvi, and I treated ourselves to a fine dinner at the Highland Lake Inn to


acknowledge our success and commitment to our blog over the last 3 years. By the way, the dessert was superb.

So Civilized

It’s been challenging for all of us because we all have real jobs (darn) and families that require enormous amounts of energy on our lives – just like you. What made the difference is that we kept on keeping on and managed to write three posts a week (well, almost, I am the weakest link) because the blog experts say that is necessary.

Starting next month, (hopefully), we will introduce you to a new Oops50 sister blogger. You’ll see why we’re so excited when she shares her stories and distinct voice with us.

So, here’s to a Happy New Year of change, more sharing, better photographs, a re-design of our blog (thanks to my brother at Chinatown Coffee, and no more memory loss.

Full Moon at the Inn

Sadhvi Sez: This Thanksgiving…

ON THE CLIFFS (1917) by Dame Laura Knight

The sky where I live has been this deep, crisp blue color that makes me feel like I’m on vacation in the south of France. Kind of the feeling that you get when you look at this painting.  I like feeling relaxed and dreamy when the energy this week is completely the opposite; where everyone is busy getting ready to go somewhere and do something because it is THANKGIVING!!!  The time to get together with people and to eat a lot of food and spirits, or, to be cozy with just yourself or your partner and disappear?  I’ll do both this year, and I hope you do too.

I’ll be bringing a new type of booze instead of a nice bottle of red wine to the “Thanksgiving Social Gathering” on Friday called Hendrick’s Scottish Gin that is made with Bulgarian Rose and Cucumber – sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  You know I am not a big drinker, not since I drank too many pitcher’s of Miller Lite beer at Miami U. in 1977 and did handstands down a flight of steps on my way home, but when I saw the brown bottle that looked like something found in an old apothecary, I ended up being so taken by it that I took it home with me. I am going to serve it with tonic and slices of cucumber, like they say on their website, and see if I don’t feel nice and grown-up. I’ll let you know.




Sadhvi’s World: Yea, it’s Spring!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Pruning, replanting fruit trees and moving the increasingly invasive butterfly bushes and the normal spring clean-up that happens every year had Sakshi and mephysically spent at the end of each day. The older we get, the more I realize how much we do! What was once taken for granted, is now watched and witnessed with surprise and sometimes amusement.

I also celebrated, along with my family & friends (you know who you are…and since this is not FaceBook, or Pinterest, or LinkedIn or…I can have some secrets!) my 54th birthday. There have been years when I didn’t want anyone to know, but this year wasn’t one of those. I am no longer shy about getting older. I also can accept that I am now part of the older generation. I won’t be looking like I did when I was 28 (except on FaceBook), and I will start to look like my dead ancestors.

There was no snow all winter, and it’s now summer-like. I can also hear the grass growing, really. The birds are back, the flowers are opening and dying in what seems like a quick procession, and suddenly, the air feels alive.

I saw one wayward yellow butterfly, happily flying and dancing, all by itself the other day. I don’t normally see them until the end of August, when the Mexican Sunflowers are blooming. The strange feeling at seeing it now, in March, was mixed with a certain joy at watching it move across the yard, and then seeing the hens all stop and look up at the same time as it passed over their heads.

No matter what, Spring is most definitely my favorite season.

I just went out and took some pictures of what I see.

I hope you are enjoying your Spring (or Fall) too!




Oops50: Sadhvi Sez: Robert Redford Speaks Out

When Robert Redford speaks out, it makes sense to listen. Please click above.

A few months ago, President Obama made a decision to postpone the KeystoneXL pipeline – Hurray! I was very happy to hear about that. Oh, for just 60 days? OK, it’s just the beginning of a battle. So it’s coming up again. And we all need to be aware of it.

Y’know, there is such incredible beauty in this country. I’ve taken many road trips over the years, and have always been touched by it, and how BIG America is.
I remember being surprised when I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time just outside of San Diego in 1971. I remember seeing the Grand Canyon and feeling the “grandness” of it.
I remember the feel of walking into the Redwood Forest outside of Mill Valley (the name of that city is so ironic) and sensing the silence of those trees all together, untouched by man.
I also remember the sadness I felt when I saw the land that was given to the Indians by the US Government in exchange for…well, I guess it was out of guilt for treating them so bad. I saw a couple of these “Indian Reservations” and they looked like miles and miles of rubble and flat, lifeless land. I remember getting out of the car back then, to see one of these “Reservations”, and felt like I could bounce with each step, since it looked like so much like the Moon’s landscape.
With the KeystoneXL pipeline, I don’t know who will win out in the end. Big Oil might.
But it’s not over yet, and maybe being aware of the game might help to shift the decision that would impact our beautiful country.

I mean, if awareness can get Bank of America to drop their $5 per month charge to customers, then I think there is a good chance that if people knew what was at stake, they would not want this pipeline destroying this beautiful land, right down the middle.

I hope you take a look at the clip to expand your consciousness, and imagine a future where new jobs and the future generation will create clean energy, and can enjoy this incredibly beautiful country.

Sadhvi Sez: When Joni Mitchell was singing with James Taylor


I honestly don’t feel like there is a small gap between me and the next generation any more.  It  feels too big to say that. 

I don’t like FaceBook much any more either.  In fact, I find myself wanting to be on the computer less and less, but more and more time is spent there.  Hmm.

I’ve been trying and cannot seem to take a break from my computer and cell phone for even one day.  It is a true addiction.  Just wondering, how many hours do you spend on your computer each day?

One night this past week, my husband and I were making dinner together.  I am cranky by nature, and people who know me understand.  I mean, I am not used to having him around helping me in my, I mean, our kitchen, so he put on an old Cat Stevens CD, and within a few minutes I found myself in a really nice space.  Music will do that to me.  I imagine my Mom and Dad had similar experiences, but with Buddy Holly

So I am getting old – damn it!  Since there isn’t much I can do about it, except whine a little from time to time, I want to share another song that takes me back to a time that makes me feel relaxed and in a mellow space.  Enjoy!


Joni Mitchell playing with James Taylor, singing background harmony on the song: “You can close your Eyes”.