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Sadhvi Sez: What a Day for a Daydream


With my sun in Pisces and living right on my Neptune line, you’d think that I’d be a daydreaming fool.  But no, I cannot even take a little catnap in the afternoon!  There is just too much to DO!

I remember how much I liked to color with crayons as a kid, and how I would lay down in the grass and look up in the sky for long periods of time.  Now, baking (more so than cooking meals) takes me to places that are nice, and meditating is good because it is going inside, but it is not often enough.  I occasionally allow myself time to paint, and get into the zone of no-mind, but again, it just isn’t often enough.

I tend to think it’s because of the amount of my day I spend on “the computer”.  And the fact that I now “multi-task”, which has only started within the last couple of years.
So when I read an article from the Huffington Post site that says the latest research shows that a wandering mind helps the memory, I was thrilled.  What an interesting post!  Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Adam Gazzaley, a University of California San Francisco neuroscientist who studies the mind and distraction, wasn’t surprised by the results.

“I have been thinking more and more about our external environment and our internal environment,” he said. “We feel like we live in an external environment because we interact with the world.  But we also have a dynamic and rich internal environment.”

Results are indicating, “there may be consequences” as we jam more and more stimulus into our heads, without taking a break to simply contemplate or daydream, Gazzaley said.  “There are costs to multitasking and not pausing.”

Previous studies have shown that multi-taskers are more distracted and stressed.

“It is up to us to slow down enough to make informed decisions,” Gazzaley continued.  “I think there is a growing tendency to feel that if it exists,” he said of media in all its forms and omnipresence, “I might as well use it all at the same time.  But just because it exists, and is cool, does not mean it has to all be used simultaneously.”

So now that it’s proven that it’s perfectly OK to space out and to take mental break during the day, I feel more and more people will begin to enjoy life – hooray!
So take a moment to listen to the following song from the Lovin’ Spoonful, and enjoy where it takes you.