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Making Choices from that Higher Place

Barbara Brady
Barbara Brady

I’m feeling called to write about spiritual wisdom, and how it can be applied practically to what life dishes up for us, resulting in more happiness and peace of mind.

What do I mean by spiritual wisdom? Universal spiritual truths that transcend any particular religion which come from the world’s great religious & spiritual traditions and teachers. Of course they’re not the only ones privy to spiritual truth. We ALL have the ability to access that spiritual or soul wisdom, which resides within each of us, since each of us are, at our core, divine.

More and more I’ve been reminded that when faced with a life challenge, being able to view that challenge and its possible purpose(s) through a spiritual lens (love and spirit) vs. the more human lens (fear and ego), and make choices from that higher place, has made a huge difference in my experience of peace, freedom and empowerment.

To that end, I invite our oops50 readers to tell me about a challenge you’re currently facing in the comments area of this blog, including what you’ve already tried to do to solve this, and I’ll do my best to guide you to hear your highest truth; one that’s aligned with love and peace, and to give you specific ideas of how to apply spiritual wisdom to your situation for a better outcome.


Einstein once said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Most of us have been taught to operate from a linear consciousness based in ego, competition and “being right”. We’ve been taught to “take care of your own” and that there’s not enough_______________ to go around, (love, money, time), so you better not waste it, spend too much of it, lose it, etc.

The truth is, these outdated paradigms gear us to lead limited lives, based on fear, ego and scarcity. They constrict us and keep us playing small, and feed blaming, complaining:. “My husband left me. He did this to me….(e.g. “I’m a victim”). But what if he did this FOR you? For your soul’s growth and expansion? For your higher good in the long haul? Things do happen in our lives that can feel crappy and unfair. And it’s okay to be angry, sad, and discouraged. But we don’t have to get stuck there. We can’t always see the grand design, which reveals why these things happen in our lives. What if they’re happening for your soul’s evolution and growth? If you choose to think of your life as a beautiful tapestry, then all the colors are there for a purpose. Each is needed to create the whole. tapestry

 I look forward to hearing from you, Barbara Brady Coach & Trainer

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Reflections of a Loser

Now that I’ve been in the “medal” program for a few weeks (that’s for people who have made it through the whole Optifast program and are trying to “maintain”), I have some final thoughts on this whole process.  (A friend of mine thought it was spelled “mettle,” since that’s what is required to keep doing well once you are allowed to eat food again.)

First of all, it’s a lot harder to stay on track when you don’t have someone laying out exactly what you get to eat and when–and you have to make your own choices.  Secondly, it’s also a lot easier, in some ways, than I feared.  I’m not, for example, real eager to give up the past four months of work in favor of a chocolate sundae, so temptation is not the problem. What’s hard is the amount of careful planning that is required in order to stay on program. 

Thirdly, I feel as if, at 70 pounds down, I am gradually emerging from a cocoon that I’ve had around me for the past several years–a protective layer of fat that I didn’t even know I had.  A friend said she noticed that even my hand gestures are different now–that I’m more openly expressive.  I don’t know how true that is–or if I was just strutting my stuff in front of her because she hadn’t seen me since the beginning of the program–but I do know that I was shy in certain circumstances before, such as trying on clothes, being in a bathing suit, wearing pants–where I’m less shy now. 

I’ve had a lot of positive reinforcement lately, and that’s wonderful–but also disconcerting, since I feel like the same old me inside this 50- something body, just with a different presentation to the outside world.

 All this has made me realize how much people notice our outside appearance, on the one hand, but also, on the other, how little they really notice it.  What I have found, even if I didn’t really need confirmation, is that the people who truly love you, love you through thick and thin (literally).  It’s good to know that.  It sure does help to keep me from putting the weight back on! Why would you when there is nothing to prove and no one to rebel against?  That’s a good feeling.