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Gluten-free Christmas Cookie Recipe from Switzerland

oops-50sadhvi-with-hat-and-elfI like to make cookies to give to family and friends around this time of the year. They must be easy, delicious, and wildly appreciated as well!vSo here is probably my favorite cookie recipe that comes from my husband’s hometown of Basel, Switzerland. There are so many different recipes for these “Basler Brunsli’s,” but this one is the one I like because it is so simple to make, and everyone just loves to get it, including those people who cannot eat gluten.  heart-cookie-cutterTo note, these traditional Christmas cookies date back to the 15th century. 

There is a bakery in Basel that sells them the whole year, and when I lived there, I would often pop into the shop during the dreary months of February and get a small bag. All little fat hearts that I loved to pop in my mouth.


One thing that thrilled me and I found so special about the Swiss is that no matter how much or how little one buys, they will always ask if you want it gift wrapped, and they will do it so beautifully for you.   basler-brunsli-cookie-pic

A Christmas Market in Switzerland
A Christmas Market in Switzerland

The translation of “Brunsli” is “little brownie”, but really this cookie tastes nothing like the typical American brownie…it is made with ground almonds (which, if you are lucky, can be bought in bulk at your local grocery store, or online  at Bob’s Mill (www.bobsredmill.com) ), or you can just grind your own almonds.  Oh, and make sure that you put lots of good wishes and love into them when you make them…I always like to say, “Anyone who eats these will have a good life feel loved!”, or something like that.  It can’t hurt, and I do believe those wishes get transmitted through the cookies to those that eat them.  Happy Holidays!


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