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Good Music. Bad Music. And Porn.

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There’s always been bad music out there, like just about anything from Captain & Tenille, Barry Manilow, and I’m sorry to say, Tony Orlando and Dawn.  But there always was really, really good stuff to balance it.

I recently watched a clip of older folks listening to Eminem, the famous rapper (see below).

Then I happened to see a clip of Beyonce and her husband have sexual intercourse perform, and then I started to think about good music, bad music, and porn.  I just don’t get what is so great about all the porn involved in the music scene these days.

Take Miley Cyrus:  seeing her perform is like watching someone in a strip club.  I just read that on her latest tour, she does this little thing where she simulates fellatio on a man in a Bill Clinton costume.  It’s kind of like, it’s cool, it’s awesome, but really, it isn’t.
Then there’s that clip of Kanye West with Kim Kardashian doing the wild thing on a motorcycle.  I mean, I know they are rich and have a ton of fans, but is it really awesome to be such an exhibitionist?  I mean, do their fans really like to see them having sexual intercourse being intimate like that?

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The shock factor is what sells, and you know, looking back, Elvis “the pelvis” Pressley was not allowed to be filmed below the waist because his gyrations were too suggestive.  Then the Beatles were really shocking with their long hair.  Of course Madonna was definitely a performer who shocked us but made us want it more too, so I guess it’s all her fault.

I just went through my CD mixes and am listening to  “The Something Good Mix” right now, with songs like J.J. Cale’s, “Magnolia”, Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight”, The Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”, Leonard Cohen’s “Secret Life”, and that one that I love from Dire Straits, called “On Every Street”.

Now that I got my fix of good music, I’m good and I feel one with everything again.

Peace. Love. And Thank God I grew up with good music 🙂