Sadhvi Sez: I ♥ Las Vegas

I took a trip to see my parents last month soon after we figured out that it had been 3 years since we last saw each other in person. It was surprising when I thought back to figure out what had stopped me from visiting them and I couldn’t come up anything.

I normally have a routine here at home, and since I’m such a particular person in regards to the kind of organic coffee that I like to use, the food I eat, the way my computer and office is, etc., I shouldn’t have been so shocked at how freaked out I was that I going to TRAVEL!

I decided that since I was going to visit the woman who gave birth to me, and my Dad, that it would be fine to venture outside of my comfort zone.  I keep wanting to read the book, “Who Moved my Cheese” to find out if my behavior is a good thing or a bad thing.

The thing that I did find out is that there’s a certain comfort in just letting go of it all.


For instance, I watched the shows that my Mom watches regularly (she tapes them so we are spared the insane amount of commercials) and they were REALLY good. I don’t have TV at home, and it made me think about maybe getting it again.  It’s been such a long time since I watched TV; maybe the last series was Gilligan’s Island?  I realize now why there is TV; it is just so darn relaxing to chill out on the couch and be entertained!
Just about everyone I know thinks Las Vegas is a weird place, and they think it’s strange when I tell them that I enjoy Las Vegas so much.  Well, it’s such a beautiful area to me…so much blue sky, the mountains, and the flatness of the ground which feels so good when I take my walk around their neighborhood.  And there are, of course, those fun and amazing things called, THE CASINOS!


My Mom said she wasn’t going to gamble while I was visiting, but we found ourselves going out a lot and having a great time.  Being inside a casino is a bit like being in the state of meditation in that there is no time!  We spent hours gambling and having dinner and walking around.  And were surprised to see that we had gone in when it was still light out, but coming out it was after midnight!

People are so interesting to watch, and there is no shortage of them in Las Vegas.  There were more than a few women – older and younger – that looked like they were totally drunk.  But no!  It turned out that they were almost falling off their extremely high heels.  “Whore heels” is what I call them.  I just want to know, when did these become fashionable, and who wears them?

Who Wants to Wear These?

I really like the lights and colors that are in the casinos, too.

Our time here is so short.  This trip made me feel like nothing really matters except loving each other.  I am grateful and feel so much love for these two people, my Mom and Dad, who are simple, generous, and love each other so much after all these years.

They are from a generation before that value the art of conversation, that see no point in multi-tasking, that believe in doing the job right the first time.  They value what is fair, and still believe that customer service should be provided for by a company.
They are by no means the “Silent Generation” as they’ve been called;  they’ve seen so much and have so much wisdom in many areas that they should all be respected.  And loved.  And I can’t wait to see them again this year!


About Sadhvi

Sadhvi's trying to find the balance in life over 50 without having any surgery, taking any pills, or killing anyone. She doesn't want to look or feel the way she felt when she was 20 or 30. Trusting that everything is really OK unless you think about it helps her make it through each day. Also realizing that nothing can be done, and, that nothing matters really helps. Gardening (and weeding), poppies and flowers, painting on things, baking, and sharing on Oops50 helps to make it all right too.

14 thoughts on “Sadhvi Sez: I ♥ Las Vegas

  1. Sadhvi, Thank you for the stories, especially the ones told through your photos, which are gorgeously color saturated and delight and surprise us in their fresh perspectives on familiar themes. Which is exactly what your trip
    to see your familia gave you, no? Eileen K.

  2. I cried when I read your post – Yes we did have a wonderful time. Thanks for being our daughter – there is no one like you. Come back soon – Love you

  3. @Ginny: Those big green and red balls in the trees are in Wynn’s Casino, and they are made of paper….and look like roses close up…many, many roses making up the big “ball”. With the lights it is really special.

  4. I love the pictures this time. I really love the pic of the shoe. It is such a beautiful sculpture and the color….shizzzammm!!! What are those things hanging from the tree??? I want some.

  5. @Jenn: Nice to hear from you! It feels like it has been a long time since we’ve talked, doesn’t it?
    Time is funny these days…hope you are doing good.

  6. @ Ramapada…yeah, I know what the boys call them! What I want to know is why are they being worn all of a sudden? Not by whores, but by young girls, and people that are old and wobble? I didn’t know you like Las Vegas. Sakshi is going next month…he loves it too!
    lots of love to you and the Madam!

  7. Hi Sadhvi, Coming from the boys, we call those high heels “come f**k me’s”…Actually, I dunno how anyone can wear those things, sex or no sex. They look highly dangerous. As to Vegas, I love the place too. The Casinos are so much fun when viewed as an alternate reality. You can be a pirate, an ancient Egyptian, visit NY and Paris all without hardly crossing the street.

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