Sadhvi Sez: Good-bye FaceBook


I just deleted my FaceBook account, which oddly enough, was not so easy.  Actually my account will not really be deleted for another two weeks. FaceBook wants me to be sure, so that in case I change my mind and feel the urge to log in and see what any of my 597 “friends” are posting, then I will be “reactivated”.

You might be wondering, what prompted this?

Well, it’s been building up…this kind of feeling of wanting to pull the plug.

For starters, I hate that there is no privacy any more on the web, and especially with having a FaceBook account.  Then I recently got my yahoo account hacked into, which ticked me off, wondering why would anyone want to do this kind of thing?  And then during the Holiday season, I kept seeing ads for places I visited on the web and especially while on FaceBook.  And then there are my friends with smart phones: the reception is not the best, so either I can’t hear them, or they can’t hear me very well, and often we are cut off and that is the end of that “cool”connection!   Misspelled smart phone emails are so common-place that I seriously wonder if anything matters anymore.

Oh, and you and I can now be arrested without a warrant and put in jail indefinitely without a trial date.  This is to protect us from something…ummm, what was it again?  Oh yeah.  Terrorists.

So for me there are many reasons.  And if something feels very overwhelming, bothersome and not much fun for very long, and if I’ve had one too many constitutional rights taken away in the last couple of years, something has got to change!


So no more cool ways to connect for me.  Goodbye to Linkedin, to Google+, to all the other ways of connecting that I never could get into: Twitter, texting, & yes, Pinterest too.  God I feel better just writing this!

It’s time to spend less time on the computer, and more time with my dog and husband.  And doing things I love, like painting.

I will continue to write for Oops50 every Friday, and will do so until I no longer enjoy it.

I don’t have the boundless energy I once had, but I still have enough to draw and form boundaries of what is good for me and what isn’t.

Thank you menopause for making this all possible.

I think being a woman over 50 , a crone, an elder even, is going to be just fine.

Oh, in case any of my FB friends want to contact me, my email is:

Unmillo's Hibiscus



About Sadhvi

Sadhvi's trying to find the balance in life over 50 without having any surgery, taking any pills, or killing anyone. She doesn't want to look or feel the way she felt when she was 20 or 30. Trusting that everything is really OK unless you think about it helps her make it through each day. Also realizing that nothing can be done, and, that nothing matters really helps. Gardening (and weeding), poppies and flowers, painting on things, baking, and sharing on Oops50 helps to make it all right too.

25 thoughts on “Sadhvi Sez: Good-bye FaceBook

  1. I never write on FB and am thinking to stop it as well. No one connects with each other via letter or phone, which I prefer. Does anyone write a letter these days, I wonder? I miss that. Looking forward you your Friday posts Sadhvi.

  2. Hi Lee,
    Good to hear from you. One of these days, I want to post your adventures. I love to read what you write! So see, you are my inspiration. Are you back in Calif.? Oh and yes, I know Prakash. Knew him at the Ranch. Love him, and his posts on FB were good….I will miss those, and others, it’s just that the line had to drawn. Love to you, Sadhvi

  3. Sadhvi, you are such an inspiration. I have kept Facebook in case an old and lost (to me) friend wishes to find me, and several have…and for quotes from Ramana Maharshi, the Dalai Lama, and a few others (some great ones from Prakash. Do you know him?) So it is a bit of a spiritual pick me up when I wish to give it a look.
    Yes, I am busy, often with ridiculous things. Sometimes with something skillful. Your reminder to eliminate what is no longer bringing joy is an excellent one. Simpler and simpler. have fun in your garden and kitchen. Love, Lee

  4. From Judy:
    Aww, Sadhvi… I for one will miss your face on my book… and your tuned in posts.
    I have quite a few friends that have opted to say adios to fb lately. Best of luck with this Sadhvi, and don’t feel bad if you opt to come back 🙂 All my other friends that I know of that have tried this (I’ve definitely entertained the idea) are now back on because they missed the little checking up on some of the people not geographically near them. I get why you want to do this ~ Here’s my feeling on the whole privacy issue; I personally don’t give a hoot about the marketing sell out… I pay such little attention to that ~ so long as they don’t start charging me for anything ~ I do often think of deleting my photos, though… they’re always trying to get me to identify the “Location” of them and I don’t want my photos to end up on some unwanted site uncredited to me. I should be flattered, but I think I would be irked first. I don’t mind that they track what I ‘Like’ ~ people who think like us need to be counted. I wouldn’t have ‘Like’d those things if I wasn’t proud of them. That’s all just me, of course.
    Thanks for including me in your column & in your email lists. Enjoy your new Life, you brave soul you! 🙂
    Love & lots of light,

  5. @Karen: Well, like Ramapada wrote, maybe we are getting back to the days of the 60’s and 70’s…since I never was a Hippie, I can’t say that. But I know exactly the vibe of the time. I haven’t gotten off of all electonic distractions (sounds like I am coming off heroin!), but getting off FB is a big step for me.

  6. From Shay:

    Thank you so much for sending this. I never became a fb addict, but plenty of my friends have. I’ve often wondered what it’s going to be like when we’re old and half our friends are dead. Will we just lead cyber lives constantly glued to our computers and cell phones?

  7. From another friend, Richard:

    One of your best posts Sadhvi. Was it because I heard it yesterday and really got IT? (No pun intended) I just spent a half hour getting off linked in. You inspired me yesterday! I’ll keep Facebook but I hardly use it.

  8. My good friend Ramapada writes:
    Wow, you have 597 friends!!! I can’t even count that high…it’s past toes and fingers.
    Well, I don’t watch TV and I’m pretty much over videos as well…got rid of the cellphone…I was thinking about the phone today, too…I had a friend in Sun Valley, Idaho who never had a phone…man, was he hard to connect with but once you did find him it was wonderful!!!
    Yup, I’m thinking we may end up about where we were at about age 19 in the old hippie days…when I didn’t have any of this STUFF and was having a blast with life…Soo, back to the garden for me…

  9. I totally can relate to the back and forth, should I or not, etc. thang with FB…I think that there was that one moment where I could see myself being sucked into the computer, energetically, almost body and soul, and I was tired even…but I just automatically went to FB…watching and looking…instead of participating in calling up a good friend, or writing a personal letter to my cousin. It was just too much. We have a reunion every summer, and that is good enough for me to be in touch with my relatives. And the local things…yes, there is so much going on, that FB is a good way to be in touch with that, I agree. But ever since moving here, I have found that there is, once again, too much to do! Sharon, looking over what I just wrote, I think my next move might be to the convent! Good wishes to you!

  10. I’ve been dancing with the same decision for some time now. Only a couple of things are anchoring me to FB. 1- the connection it provides me with a host of younger friends who lead very interesting lives locally. That keeps me informed and introduces me to terrific live events/opportunities. I can’t seem to give that up. 2- an easy way to stay connected (again with younger folks) with out of town relatives, mostly offspring of relatives who live very far away and lead very busy child-centered lives. How else would I maintain a relationship with these folks, except the occasional wedding and funeral. I intend to stay in touch with you thru the blog and via email, my friend.

  11. Miz Rize! So good to hear from you! My time is getting short on this earth: you MUST come visit us this year. We’ll treat you to a nice lunch and some cake afterwards at my favorite sweet shop. LOL (lots of love) to you!
    Elder Sadhvi

  12. Lisa – yes, where is the connections that I crave…certainly not through CrackBook, er, I mean, FB. I would rather sit and wait for a letter to come to me via the USPS from a true friend.

  13. What a concept! Just step out of a game that is no longer fun. I respect you for this and am disgusted at so many of the same things you mentioned… How ’bout when the whole conversation at the table with an international friend is all about what their iPhone can do and how many cookbooks they downloaded onto it and how with the swish of a hand all this will soon be on their iTV… blah blah blah. Where is the intimacy, the connection that we came to the planet to have?

  14. YES!!! Sister friend I let FaceBook go in March.
    Glad to see I am not the only one who is tired of all these souls I don’t even know coming into my space with their assorted stories and nonsense.
    I don’t miss it, and yes I am back to reading books and taking naps.
    This is the year I intend to visit you wise women
    in Asheville.
    Be well and stay warm.
    Peace and Joy.
    Miz Rize

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Good move! I am so sick of the constant appeals to connect on Twitter and Linked-In and Facebook (the only one I actually have an account with) that I may just follow your lead and cancel it. More time for the simple things that really matter – family, friends, flowers….
    You’re an inspiration, Sadhvi! Thanks. Pam

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