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6 thoughts on “Subscribe to Blog

  1. I am a “newbie” blogger who happens to be starting over at the ripe old age of 57! Having worked at my last job for 25+ years – where I thought I would be until retirement in Arizona. Now, having re-located to Texas, to be near my new grandkids, I am starting over both physically, spiritually and emotionally! I am really feeling the “reject” button being pushed a lot! And trying to figure everything all out again is NOT all that fun! But I am up for this new challenge in my life, and looking forward to watching my grandkids grow up is the BEST!

  2. Although I am well “over 50”, I’m thrilled to begin a subscription to your blog which an “old” friends, Jane, helped found. We don’t see each other nearly enough but now that we are both expecting our first grand-babys with due dates literally a few days apart (Dec. 9th and 11th!), I think this is a great way to connect with Jane and all the other amazing, interesting, and active baby-boomers out-there! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi, You Beautiful People,
    Aging Gracefully is my “plan,” I am a Health Guide,
    Love to spread encouraging words far and wide!
    There is so much to do so we can feel right,
    From eating well, loving well, and sleeping at night.
    Thrilled to find a Group where we can all share,
    I feel younger just KNOWING that you are all there!

    Eternally grateful,
    Ellen Hyner

  4. I have never blogged but since I have recently retired, I would like to hear topics and views of the over 50 women. I’m also unsure of how to do any of this commenting, etc.!

  5. Hi Anabelle,
    You can find out how to start blogging by “Googling It”, believe it or not. If you want to get rich and famous, well, that might not happen, but if you like to write, you can send us a post, and if it’s something that we like, well, we will post it. You would have to send us some pictures, but it might be a good way to see if you really like it.
    One thing for sure is: blogging is like a weekly homework assignment….you have to post to make it worth having a site, cuz it costs money.
    Hope that helps! We look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hi. I’m from the Philippines 🙂
    I want to start a blog, actually. I looked around and there isn’t anyone here , my age, blogging . I wonder why. So, yeah, am new at this. Think you can guide me to get my feet in?


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