Our Beloved Carli girl

Me and Carli

Over the years, you got to know Gus, my rescue Chesapeake Bay Retriever who passed away at the end of April.  He was often the subject of my posts because his special needs presented me with tons of engaging material to write about.  Now, I’d like to tell you about our Carli girl, our champion show girl who passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago at the age of 12 while I was at my 40th H.S. reunion.  (Promise to write about that next).

We got Carli as a puppy when she was 12 weeks old from a very responsible breeder on the Eastern Shore.

Carli girl

She was the first dog in my marriage and we took her everywhere.  She was our special girl – sassy, smart, sensitive, and funny.  And, as a good retriever, we trained her to bring us the Washington Post (we lived in D.C.) every morning.  Then, when we moved to Asheville, her job became more involved as our mountain driveway was quite a climb.  Plus, on Sunday she had to carry both the local Asheville Citizen Times packed with all the advertisements AND New York Times.  Believe me, the Sunday papers were heavy and bulky, but Carli proudly delivered them, and never let us down.

Carli doing her job

I know we’ll get another dog some day, but we’re just not ready.   Our house is so very empty, and my husband and I keep talking about all the cute and annoying little things we miss about Carli and Gus.  When you have two big dogs in your house, their absence is monumental.

Carli and Gus

We cancelled the newspapers and read it on-line now.  Neither one of us want to do Carli’s job.

Lastly, I’d like to share some info with you about Frontline – which many dog owners using for fleas and ticks.  I took both my dogs off this toxic medication last year and started using an all natural product my breeder told me about.  I am convinced Frontline contributed to both my dogs’ cancers (liver and stomach).  Please consider Best Yet cedarcide (I use it too, for mosquitoes).

4 thoughts on “Our Beloved Carli girl

  1. What beautiful family members your Carli and Gus were! I understand how your hearts ache, as ours did when our Lab, Molly, left us two years ago. Malone is our new little guy, who came to us after we healed. He was lost and we were the fortunate ones who became his new family. Molly will always be with us, as Carli and Gus will be with you, but you’ve experienced that love that beloved pets can bring and I know that you’ll be ready again one day. Annie

  2. Our 11-year-old girl, Ruby, died unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. It leaves such a hole and the house is so achingly quiet. The reminders continue for a long time.

  3. Carli and Gus are missed by all. Thanks for sharing, Annice. And we stopped using Frontline for our beloved Bello, and guess what? His so-called “hot spots” disappeared and his sensitive stomach issue was resolved too. We like “Revolution”. Frontline should be taken off the market.

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