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When Robert Redford speaks out, it makes sense to listen. Please click above.

A few months ago, President Obama made a decision to postpone the KeystoneXL pipeline – Hurray! I was very happy to hear about that. Oh, for just 60 days? OK, it’s just the beginning of a battle. So it’s coming up again. And we all need to be aware of it.

Y’know, there is such incredible beauty in this country. I’ve taken many road trips over the years, and have always been touched by it, and how BIG America is.
I remember being surprised when I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time just outside of San Diego in 1971. I remember seeing the Grand Canyon and feeling the “grandness” of it.
I remember the feel of walking into the Redwood Forest outside of Mill Valley (the name of that city is so ironic) and sensing the silence of those trees all together, untouched by man.
I also remember the sadness I felt when I saw the land that was given to the Indians by the US Government in exchange for…well, I guess it was out of guilt for treating them so bad. I saw a couple of these “Indian Reservations” and they looked like miles and miles of rubble and flat, lifeless land. I remember getting out of the car back then, to see one of these “Reservations”, and felt like I could bounce with each step, since it looked like so much like the Moon’s landscape.
With the KeystoneXL pipeline, I don’t know who will win out in the end. Big Oil might.
But it’s not over yet, and maybe being aware of the game might help to shift the decision that would impact our beautiful country.

I mean, if awareness can get Bank of America to drop their $5 per month charge to customers, then I think there is a good chance that if people knew what was at stake, they would not want this pipeline destroying this beautiful land, right down the middle.

I hope you take a look at the clip to expand your consciousness, and imagine a future where new jobs and the future generation will create clean energy, and can enjoy this incredibly beautiful country.

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Sadhvi's trying to find the balance in life over 50 without having any surgery, taking any pills, or killing anyone. She doesn't want to look or feel the way she felt when she was 20 or 30. Trusting that everything is really OK unless you think about it helps her make it through each day. Also realizing that nothing can be done, and, that nothing matters really helps. Gardening (and weeding), poppies and flowers, painting on things, baking, and sharing on Oops50 helps to make it all right too.

8 thoughts on “Oops50: Sadhvi Sez: Robert Redford Speaks Out

  1. Great piece! Thanks for sharing this, Sadhvi. I keep spreading the word, countering the Republican/Big-Oil-Industry lies whenever/wherever I can. This is one of those really critical issues.

  2. P.J. : I have never heard of the Ogalalla aquifer. I will google that right now. OMG. It’s time to wake up. Or, go to sleep and watch it all crumble.

  3. Thanks Sadhvi…lovely sentiments and factual reminders as well….I plan to call the media folks and ask why more reference is not being made publicly regarding the very probable dangers to the Ogalalla aquifer–our nation’s largest and mostly underground water drinking water source for the entire Midwest and far Western states as well– the citizens living out in these areas may be considered “collateral damage” to Big Oil, but to many of us they are our family and friends and perhaps business partners etc. and to the U. S. A. they are part of our future; if we poison the aquifer with a slow penetration of chemicals from hairline cracks or from a bit of localized investigative “fracking” (to test whether there is more oil in the region), we can kiss the entire aquifer goodbye. Alarmist?? Maybe, but then that is not a chance I’d want to take–note the Al-Can oil pipeline in sore need of repair for years now and being ignored in spite of leaks, cracks, rusting out, missing supports and struts. Not to mention the Gulf—eleven lives lost and countless animal lives and poisoned water. Big Oil’s response? Let’s deny and/or shift the blame. Big Oil is a big blue meanie and the media is not covering this well!!

  4. I agree! Spread the word. We all need to think how our actions can impact others and our big, beautiful country.
    And Sadhvi, you’re right, if we were able to spread awareness about Bank of America’s $5 charge we could easily work together to bring this important issue to light.

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