On Falling in Love with a Pair of Shoes

I confess:  I am in love with a pair of red shoes!  I saw them for the first time when my friend, Patricia, wore them to work.  For weeks, I worshipped them from afar, with their tiny size, their exquisite shape, their beautiful color–right down to the flowers decorating the heel.  But I knew they were unattainable:  1) I could not afford new shoes right then 2) Those shoes fit Patricia’s tiny, little feet, so there was no way they would fit my size 10 1/2’s  or 11’s 3) You could never have two pairs of exquisite red shoes walking the halls of the same office.  I decided to get them off my mind. 

Months went by.  I watched them from a distance, but I knew they could never be mine.  I was content.

Then, in a horrible, depressing stroke of fate, Patricia left our office to take a new job elsewhere.  I was devestated.  I missed her wonderful presence.   And, I missed  her shoes!  Weeks went by, and I resigned myself to my new, empty life.  Then, the weekend came when my husband suggested I reward myself for losing so much weight by buying a new pair of shoes.  We went to the store, and I tried on pair after pair after pair.  Then, the sales lady said the fateful words:  “I think I have the perfect pair for you,” and brought out the red shoes, in size 10 or 11–I could try both!  And, unlike every other shoe that looks great in miniature but turns into a gun boat in my size, they looked great.  And they made my feet look smaller!  I was in love, truly in love, with a pair of shoes, for the first time in my life. 

I have to say:  I’ve never understood, until now, my women friends (and some men) who love shoes and notice each other’s shoes and talk about shoes.  I didn’t get it.  But that was then, when I was a shoe virgin!  Here they are, from both angles. 

Take a look and see if you don’t agree that they are the most magnificent shoes you’ve ever seen.  Best of all, they feel good on your feet.  All this and heaven, too! 

And, best of all, Patricia forgives me when we wear them to the same event, which happens occasionally–although she does get a certain look in her eye.  I can almost hear her saying the words:  “You little slut shoe stealer!”

5 thoughts on “On Falling in Love with a Pair of Shoes

  1. I saw those red shoes in person !! and they were fabulous although Jane said they didn’t look as good with my tube socks. Now if she had just forgotten to take them…:(

  2. No wonder you loved those shoes!!! How could anyone NOT…Congrats! And yes, what brand ARE they????

  3. Love your love for those red shoes!!! Delightful. I have a red shoe story from my Mom that I will share with you some time. Enjoy those red shoes.

  4. Love the shoes, Jane! Enjoy them. And we are so blessed with good shoe stores in town, aren’t we?

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