On Becoming a Grandmother-to-Be!

Jane Okay:  we’ve seen the ultrasound pictures.  It’s official:  my daughter is pregnant.  My first-born baby girl, who cannot possibly be old enough to be a mother, is going to have a baby sometime in early December.  Hello, Jane, this is real life!  Take it in:  Lizzie is actually a grown woman, married to a very sweet grown man, and now she is going to have a real baby.  As you can see, I’m having trouble believing this.  But don’t get me wrong:  all this difficulty getting my brain to believe the news does not mean I’m not excited.  In fact, the opposite is true.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  I may have moments of worrying about her nutrition or her labor or her financial state (because babies turn into expensive little beings), but the overwhelming emotion in my heart and soul is complete and total excitement because, here’s the real important news:  I’m going to be a grandmother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (It’s all about me!)  

Come December, there is going to be a little baby in our family, and that wonderful thought blocks out all my worries about anything (I know:  this kind of thinking has gotten me in trouble in the past!).  Best of all, this baby is one I won’t have to stress over so much (the way I obsessively did with our 4) because I won’t be responsible in a sleepless night kind of way for this baby’s reading ability or spirituality or even its dental health!  My only job will be to love it and love it and love it some more!  How amazing and wonderful is that?

Enough said for now. I’ll just share a picture of my girl when she herself was a baby, a mere 26 years ago, so you can share my amazement about this event.  Stay tuned!  I have a feeling I’m going to be blogging about this event a lot!

Lizzie with our beloved Rufus
Lizzie with our beloved Rufus, 1987

P.S.  Tom says I never mention him in the blog, so I will report this:  Gramps is pretty excited himself!!!!!  And, by the way, that’s Tom on the floor in the picture, showing the effects of sleepless nights with Lizzie, the miraculous baby who never slept.  (I wonder what her baby will be like!  Is she in for some karma?  Mean , mean grandmother!!).

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9 thoughts on “On Becoming a Grandmother-to-Be!

  1. How wonderful!! Congrats to all!! I can hardly believe it myself! Enjoy every part of this experience…and share…I have to live vicariously!

  2. Oh, Jane and Tom–Grandma and Grandpa–congratulations!!!!! So sweet and wonderful for you and the whole family. Things are achangin’.

  3. Congratulations Jane,

    Thank you for your post. This is a wonderful and amazing time for you. As I type this I have driven 8 hours from Florida to North Carolina for my granddaughter’s high school graduation. Being a grandmother is the most blessed and wonderful experience I have ever known. Our granddaughter is headed for Yale this fall. For me, the joy of being a grandparent is a gift that just keeps on giving.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS JANE and TOM! Lee and I wish you, your family, and soon-to-be little one and all the best!

    So very happy for you!! (-: YAY!

  5. Congratulations! Being a grandparent is wonderful. The part that amazed me was before they were born I couldn’t image who they were and after… I couldn’t imagine life without them. Good things are coming!

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