Oh, that explains everything!


It is important for me to know when the planet of communication, which includes computers, emailing, telephone messages, and just your basic “please pass the salt”,  is retrograde.

Why?  Just because.  I mean, if Mercury is retrograde, then I know it’s not just me.

It’s going back to whatever “normal” means on May 11th.  Good luck and good night.

Mercury Retrograde
Saturday, April 17 – May 11, 2010

The messenger planet’s backward turn marks a three-week period when double-checking data, maintaining equipment and communicating carefully are recommended. A tendency to make more errors than usual is common during this cycle. Yet the gift of Mercury retrograde is that it provides a second chance to reconnect with people and to tie up loose ends. Completing unfinished business and reviewing systems to make them more efficient are constructive uses of this transit.

3 thoughts on “Oh, that explains everything!

  1. In the last week there have been the deaths of 5 people we know or are related to and the same number of animals. Retrograde is too active!

  2. So that explains why the server was out at work all day today leaving us without internet. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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